Michael Vass comments on the Health Care Reform signing

Depending on when this is read, President Obama will either be about to, or will have, sign the Health Care Reform into Law. It will be a moment of the most grave importance to every American, and those yet to be born.

On April 6th I will be 42 years old. Once President Obama signs the Health Care Bill into law I will have just missed having a full 42 years of freedom. Because, all politics aside, once this Bill is Law EVERY American citizen will have lost freedom. Not all of it, but just a piece.

I know that many claim we lost freedom before. Some have even made arguments that it was for the best. But never has there been a time where the Government has actively controlled my life as it will be able to once the Bill is Law.

Government is a slippery slope most of the time. One legal ruling leads to another, and some interpretation takes it even further down a path that is separate of the original intentions of the law. That is a given. Now consider that fact.

Upon signing, the Government will have the Right to tell the people what they must do. It will have the Right to control and therefore restrict freedom. Not in a passive manner, like limiting free speech such that incendiary words or actions that provoke harm are restricted. It will actively force people to act in a specific manner, and enforce that action. In a way it’s similar to training a puppy.

Once this Right of the Government exists, eventually the Government will decide another Right is needed. Another restriction, to benefit the public, will be created and enforced. The next time it might even be popular. Which will lead to another and another Right, and restriction for the people.

Government will, eventually, gain greater power over the lives of the public – always with our best interests in mind. As has been said for far longer than I can imagine,

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Is health care reform needed? Of course it is. No one denies this. But if you had to choose one or the other, Freedom or Restriction, which would you take? No matter how well worded, no matter the intention, which is more important?

When I was born there were no desktop computers, cell phones, hybrid cars, global warming, digital cameras, and so much more. But there was freedom. After the signing tomorrow, every child born in this nation will be without as much freedom yet far more distracted with technology; and that much closer to having only the freedoms they are given as opposed to those they have justly because they exist. They will be born into a world that will spiral their choices, sooner or later, to a life no better than slavery.

It may take 2 generations, or 1, or 10 but it will happen. Because the precedent has been set. The path has been created. To paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow as he deals with his devil in the form of Davey Jones

“Ah, so the terms of the agreement are agreeable and now it’s just a matter of debate over the price.”

The question will no longer be if the Government can mandate our lives, just what are we willing to give up for each Right taken.

This scares me. As Congress moves forward with a Bill to allow the Government to take over ANY company it deems too vital to the nation, of course only in the best interest of the people. As the Government decides what is a fair wage, of course only for those companies and industries it controls. As a deal is being devised to summarily barter off citizenship. As the Government decides to restrict carbon dioxide as a danger (which all humans give off), and the Supreme Court allows schools to restrict aspects of Free Speech of students (the case in question – Nurre v. Whitehead, 09-671 – denies students the right to play Ave Maria on instruments). As school books are being re-written to eliminate our founding as a nation, our struggle to end slavery, our act to create a single unified nation under one banner. This is a scary time.

This isn’t about political ideologies, at least not Democrat and Republican. This is about the existence of America. It’s about Government buying off pieces of our Freedom, and on the cheap at that.

Tomorrow the Democrat leadership will celebrate. They will cheer a course of action so problematic that the majority of Americans opposed it almost from the start, that members of the Democrat Party had to be swayed with money and promises of power and titles, that every legal loophole had to be investigated and many used for its passage. A year of actions that appeared so corrupt that the New York Tammany Hall scandal pales in comparison for those that are aware of history even vaguely. That is what is being celebrated.

They will applaud and cheer what, in its absolute bottom line, is the barter of individual Freedom for the concept of Government provided comfort. When you read this, before or after President Obama signs the Health Care Reform into Law, think long and hard about it. Because while it may not be all or even most of your freedoms today, down the line it will be someone’s child’s.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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