Eric Massa – the bluster and the let down

“So why are you here?” – Glenn Beck to Eric Massa

It was a question that many were asking during and after the interview between Glenn Beck and Eric Massa. The former NY Representative Massa had set the stage before appearing on the Glenn Beck show, declaring that he was forced out and that manipulation from the very top of government were the cause of his fall from grace. Such claims were enough to draw in Beck and Larry King.

You may not hear much about how Beck tried to get answers on the claims of corruption. He did, throughout the interview. You may not hear how Beck tried to understand how Congress works behind closed doors, or where the public should look to attack the corruption in Government that we all agree exists – in both political parties. You likely won’t hear about the frustration and anger that grew in Beck as he went back time and again to ask “Give us a name,” and “We have the shovels, tell us where to dig the dirt.”

Eric Massa stated mid-way into the program that he was not going to do anything except tell his version of events and go away after his subsequent interview with Larry King. He backed off his accusations against Rahm Emanuel, while trying to dance the fence with a claim that it did happen. He admited his wrong-doing, though he claimed it was not sexual or criminal. But he could not answer the simple question of why, if any of his statements before resigning his office were true, he would simply walk away rather than fight the good fight.

When Glenn Beck announced that he would have Massa on the program there was an electricity in the air. Because up until he appeared there was a small chance that the public would get to find out where the corruption was in Washington D.C. and given that window of opportunity we were ready to act. But it just seemed to good to be true. We all had that shred of doubt that the veil could be removed so easily. Even before the interview started Beck announced at the top of the show that he was unsure what we might or might not learn.

In the end Eric Massa gave the nation a disservice. He weakened the national trust in Government, he widened the gap between the Parties and within the Democrats. He sullied the good people he was elected to represent. He wasted the time of the audience of Glenn Beck and Larry King. He was drowning and trying to take as many with him as he could.

I don’t blame Beck, or Larry King for that matter. They were doing what they are supposed to do. Address the controversies and issues of the day. In the case of Beck, he tried to further give the public insight on how our nation is governed. But he wound up getting used, for whatever reason that Massa had that I could not dicern.

It could have been a great moment for the nation. It could have been a moment where a hero stood up among the politicians and polispeak. It could have been a moment that actually led to the “Change you can believe in” that America is still waiting for.

What it was instead was more akin to sour grapes, and the last breath of a wasted political career. It might have been good television, if you like soap operas, but it wasn’t what Massa had alleged prior. All that’s left now is the damage, to Beck and King and the nation.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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