The real politics of Health Care Reform

President Obama has an open ear to anyone with ideas. He has sought bipartisan options. He has listened to the nation and is working to improve America. These things are all known because President Obama has taken great care, and ample time on television, to tell us this.

But is it true?

At this very moment, President Obama has his aides drafting a Health Care Reform Bill merger that will resolve the issues in the House and Senate versions of the Bill. This is being done so that the Bill will be able to pass the Senate with less than a 60 vote majority, which Democrats no longer automatically have. The new presidential version will be available on Monday, but already has no less than 18 Democrats supporting it (including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York) up to a rumored 40.

Think about that for a second. 18 Democrat Senators [Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Sherrod Brown (OH), Jeff Merkley (OR), Bernie Sanders (VT), Al Franken (MN), Patrick Leahy (VT), John Kerry (MA), Dianne Feinstein (CA), Barbara Boxer (CA), Jack Reed (RI), Roland Burris (IL), Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Tom Udall (NM), plus both Senators from NY as mentioned] already are supporting a Bill that they have not read. A Bill that the majority of Americans do not support or want to see passed. A Bill that President Obama will try to force through Congress, even before he meets with Congressional Republicans about bipartisan fixes to health care and other issues of the Government.

Does that sound bipartisan to you? Does that sound like someone listening to all ideas and options? Is this an example of listening to the American public?

What about the 18 (or 40) Senators that support the Bill right now. Did their constituent voters elect them so they could pass a Bill without reading it, without knowing exactly what it does and how it will affect the public?

At least Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has the excuse of saying she was not elected by the people of New York. But she is running for re-election, and the question that should be asked is if she believes that New York residents care if she has read the Obama Stimulus, and/or any version of the Health Care Reform Bill. It’s a question that, as a constituent of Senator Gillibrand, was sent to her twice and has never been answered in over 8 months.

Another question that can be asked of any Democrat, especially the leadership, is what are they willing to pay to get the 51st vote that will allow this presidential merger of Democrat-only versions to pass? Just to pass the Senate version one Senator received $300 million for her State, and another got a lifetime guarantee that his State will never pay for the cost of the Bill, imagine what they will give to hold-outs in this end-around action. Already President Obama is taking $1.5 billion of the TARP funds (repaid by banks that are now being penalized for ever taking the money and supposed to be used to lower the national debt) to give it to the State of Nevada. Which just happens to be the home State of the Senate Majority Leader (Harry Reid), who just happens to be in a re-election race that he is currently expected to lose drastically. Coincidence right?

But never fret, President Obama will get on television another dozen times (on top of the 2 dozen seperate times he has discussed Health Care Reform so far) to again tell the public how this will save jobs, lower the national debt, and cover everyone. Except health care is not why people are out of work, it will increase the national debt, and will only cover (at best) half of the people currently without health care. Plus Republicans, old and current, will be blamed for any and every delay in passing the Bill Americans don’t want and Republicans could not prevent for over a year. Some of us do read the Bill and listen to all the speeches Mr. President.

So is this the new politics of Washington that President Obama heralded he would bring? Is this the “Change You Can Believe In” that the public was promised? Is this the reason Democrats were elected into the majority in 2008? Is this the reason why Democrats expect to get re-elected in November?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

9 Comments on "The real politics of Health Care Reform"

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    john says:
    Those awful Democrats….supporting a bill they haven’t even read. They should have the revelations from the god like the conservative opposition who can oppose something they haven’t read.
    February 19, 2:13 PM

  2. John, The Republicans opposed the existing legislation and therefore the unwritten proposal that was built upon by those pre-existing Bills. Democrats made it clear that though unwritten the Bill would be centered on the talking points Republicans opposed. So no, they were not just saying no to something they had no idea about.

  3. jeremy says:
    Obanma as tried really hard to make this a bipartisan effort, but Republicans would rather watch Americans suffer than get on board with him. They’ve alienated thmselves by calling him a socialist and now it would be politcal suicide for them to side with him with elections around the corner. That’s the REAL POLITICS. Even now as Obama has asked Repubs to join in the debate on healthcare (which they asked for) and is going to televise it (which they asked for), Republicans are calling this a trap. Why? Because they don’t want healthcare reform. Why? Because their campaign funds and re-election hopes depend on the money from the corporations it would hurt – Big Insurance and Big Pharm. It is a world wide fact that public healthcare can work. It’s a wonderful thing for those that have it. My guess is, you have insurance and probably wouldn’t be affected if it did pass (well, your premiums may actually go DOWN for once). How great would it be if everyone had coverage at a lower cost!
    February 19, 2:15 PM

  4. Jeremy, That is not quite true. There have been no bipartisan actions in anything to do wityh Health Care Reform, the Obama Stimulus (1 & 2), Cap & Trade, and multiple other issues. Democrats have boasted how they can pass any legislation up until the election of Sen. Brown. As for the meeting, don’t you find it odd that Pres. Obama’s plan has already been drafted and set for reconciliation and the meeting with Republicans is after all this. Wouldn’t it be bipartisan to speak with them first and then write the Bill? Since it has been written, and being acted on, what purpose does the meeting have besides a dog and pony show? As for Big Pharma, didn’t they have secret meetings with Pres. Obama before the Health Care Reform was ever made? They made deals long before the public heard word one. Lastly, I am a small business owner – my health insurance costs will go up (if you include all the taxes applicable).

  5. Tim says:
    What a complete load of crap you just wrote here.
    Health Care Reform is a moral problem in America. I bet you have a good health insurence through your employer, you selfish!!!!

  6. Tim, Just because you disagree does not mean I am wrong. Please do point out the factual errors I have made, and not your subjective feelings. In addition please provide me with the line(s) in the Constitution that describe or mention health care. The desires of some do not obligate all, and the morality of a thing does not make it a legality. Lastly, my bio is available here and at, I clearly state I am a small business owner. I pay to have insurance and for those that I employ. How selfish of me to do that indeed.

  7. James says:
    Hey Tim, who is more selfish, the author trying to save the country from spiraling into bankrupcy or you wanting the rest of us to pay for you? This author has written the most honest article I’ve read on the subject in months.
    February 19, 9:28 PM

  8. Carl W. Goss says:
    At least Mr Obama is trying to do something; it’s a heck of a lot
    better than just saying no, which is all the GOP can do.
    February 20, 12:59 AM

  9. Carl, Republicans have done more than just say no. They have offered counter Bills and ideas – all of which have been summarily rejected (excepting non-important minor items relating more to procedure than law). Don’t believe me? Check Seperate of that, what is worse – a politician that just goes along with a decision of the party though the voters disagree, a politician being bought (like for say $300 million), or a politician that disagrees based on fundamentals and political ideals that happen to match public opinion?

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