Commentary – State of the Union Address

Leaving the comments of Chris Matthews aside, what can we take from the State of the Union Address by President Obama? What can we surmise will be the impact of the proposals to the average American?

Well there is the focus on the economy. President Obama now realizes that this is the top issue of the American people, and not healthcare. After the election of 2 Republican Governors and Senator Scott Brown, President Obama is now ready and willing to work on unemployment like never before. Just in time for the mid-term elections.

What will President Obama do? More Stimulus. Yes the Obama Stimulus 2 is now a fact and not the rumor I have discussed for several months. And we can be sure this will work because of the huge impact the first Obama Stimulus has had. The Obama Stimulus has allowed unemployment to exceed 8% and now stands at 10%. Estimates from the President’s own economists state that unemplyment will not drop to 9.5% until early 2011, even though America will have spent a total of some $450 billion dollars by that time. The President claims to have “saved” 2 million jobs, even though in the past year 4 million Americans lost their jobs and 17.3% of Americans are unemplyed.

So the solution must obviously be spending another $175 billion dollars on exactly the same items as we have in 2009. Because the Stimulus is having such a positive effect on the economy.

The President is also going to become more fiscally alert. He plans to cut earmarks by making all in Congress post them on the internet. Of couse that has nothing to do with his campaign promises in 2007-2008. It has nothing to do with the over 9,000 earmarks that President Obama signed into law in 2009 alone, with the comment that there were more important issues facing America than removing the earmarks. So you can be sure that the earmarks will be removed in 2010.

Then there is the spending. President Obama will freeze spending. Well, only on some parts of the economy. Generally in the areas where he has raised the spending last year, on average by 20%. Like the EPA that got a 35% increase in it’s budget. So the spending freeze will guarantee that they will not get a dime more, nor less, for 3 years.

The spending freeze, that President Obama directly campaigned against doing in 2008 in debates with Senator McCain, is worth $250 billion dollars over 10 years. Of course it wll only be in existence for 3 years. What happens to the other 7 years does not make sense to my math, but President Obama said so, so it myust be true (like how unemployment will not exceed 8%). And $250 billion is a lot of money.

Well it’s a lot of money if you don’t compare it to the $3.5 trillion for the 2009 budget. It’s a bit better comparing it to the $1.3 trillion increase in the national budget approved in 2009. But not as good when compared to the $2 trillion that is being asked to increase the national debt, just 2 months later. Because President Obama is fiscally responsible.

As President Obama stated in his speech, the deficit was run up to $8 trillion dollars by the end of the Bush years. But what was not said is that in 1 year President Obama inceased the debt to over $12 tillion. And that the extra $2 trillion will make it a total increase of 75% in just over a year. A rate of spending that if continued will make the national debt $18 billion (an increase of 125%) by the end of the Obama Presidency. Including the spending freeze. Now that’s responsible.

But President went on. Discussing how he will make America safe. By ending the war in Iraq. Which surely will stop underwear bombers. Plus he ended waterboarding, replacing it with criminal trials and rights like a lawyer. Because the 50 minutes of questioning of the underwear bomber let us know that there are people in Yemen training to attack America, but then in came a lawyer and we know nothing more since then. I feel much safer knowing that an unknown number of unknown people are planning to attack America at an unknown date through unknown means, and the answers to those question are in the head of a guy sitting in a jail cell who will be compelled to tell us the answers because we offer a plea bargain (which would in his mind be betraying the God he was willing to die for). Yes that is definitely better than watrerboarding and interrogations. I feel much safer.

President Obama reminded us that he increased the troops in Afghanistan. And then in the next breath restated that they will be retreating almost 6 months after they get there. Al Quida must be scared of that 6 month window they must wait out.

President Obama went on to emphasize that above all else he will continue on the path he has created. He intends to pass Health Care Reform, Cap & Trade, and several other issues. Because they are important for America, even though every poll for nearly a year states the majority of Americans don’t want any of it. Because these issues will improve America, even though they will increase taxes, impede job growth, and generally slow down any economic recovery while increasing the national debt.

President Obama identified in the State of the Union everyone that was at fault for the contry’s woes. He blamed President Bush, who has been out of office for a year. He picked on Senator Harry Reid (likely will not be re-elected), who has pushed the Senate so hard to pass everything Obama wanted that no Republicans will touch any Bill, it cost the supermajority of Democrats, and several prominent Democrats will retire rather than even try to get re-elected. He directly attacked the Supreme Court, an unheard of act for a State of the Union Address, which was little more than political bullying. He took on Republicans for failing to accept his policies that violate their constituents wishes, and for offering ideas that were counter to his policies goals. He took on Democrats, telling them that any action other than blindly following his desires was a failure to the political party – the fact it might be the only means of being re-elected, or keeping a semblance of political power beyond 2010 was unimportant.

Yes, President Obama even said he had made mistakes. Like his numerous appointments that failed to pay taxes, abused the power of their offices for personal gain, and praised the actions and philospohy of some of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century (Mao, Stalin, ect.). Perhaps he meant the comments like calling police wrong, or saying Scott Brown was on the wrong path, self-admittedly without any clue of the facts involved. Perhaps he was speaking about the absolutely triple-checked results of proving that jobs were “created” due to the Stimulus – only to be proven inaccurate, a mockery of math manipulations, and fraudulent (how many districts are they in Florida?).

In total the State of the Union was a message to America. That “Change” was still the key goal of the Obama Administration. The question of this was change you can believe in was not addressed, because belief is not required. The message was that America likes to hear things that sound like center-right policies, so the Obama Adminstration will make things sound like that (while being left of the left of center). And in my opinion President Obama admitted his belief that he will be a 1 term President, but that he is willing to make an impact that multi-term President often do not have. Wheter this is a good thing is a matter of long debate.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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