9/11 trials moving out of New York City, Sen. Gillibrand flips her position

The latest news to hit about the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and several other 9/11 terrorists comes from the NY Daily News. After calls by NYC Mayor Bloomberg and NY Senator Gillibrand (Democrat) to have the trials moved, the Daily News reports that Attoney General Eric Holder has asked for details about moving the civillian trials outside of New York.

“White House officials have told the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial that was to be held in lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned.”

Given the President’s State of the Union speech that avoided any mention of the trials, or their $200 million a year cost, in concert with the loss of the Democrat supermajority and the upcoming mid-term elections the question must be raised if this is just a political move. In a year where the national sentiment is moving ever farther from the policies of President Obama and the Democrats, the highly controversial civillian trials were yet another example stated by some to confirm the White House’s lackluster approach to national defense and spendthrift ways.

Of note are the comments of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Jan 27th.

“I share the concerns from the Mayor and the businesses community, and I am open to alternative locations,” Gillibrand said in a statement this afternoon. “I do remain committed to bringing these heinous individuals to justice in the federal courts, and if the trial is held in New York, I will continue working to secure federal money for security costs so that New York taxpayers are not left with the bill.”

These comments by Sen. Gillibrand are the first statements in opposition to the trials since at least Nov. 18 2009, when she was in favor of having the trials in NYC.

The question voters should have is why has Sen. Gillibrand reversed her position?

Is it because of the backlash against Democrats just over a week ago? Is it because of the fact that her support of the Health Care Reform flies in the face of both national and New York voter concerns? Is it because of the fact that Democrats up for re-election are suddenly faced with the possibility of voters, Democrat voters, electing a Republican vs a Democrat that supports and has approved of the massive spending by President Obama, the relentless push to enact laws that no elected official can explain nor is willing to even claim they have read?

These are questions that need to be asked of Senator Gillibrand, BEFORE the mid-term elections. Because New York State voters need to know what is the motivation of the actions of Senator Gillibrand. Especially when there is such a blatant and obvious flip.

If the 9/11 trials are moved out of NYC it will be something that voters and citizens in the State have been asking for since the idea was first made public. It’s one step closer to the other idea NY State residents believe – that KSM and the other terrorists do not deserve a civillian trial for their terrorist actions.

As for Senator Gillibrand this is just one more question voters need an answer to, along with her vote to support ACORN, and her desicion not to publicly speak at any townhall meetings to justify her support of the Health Care Reform Bill, or her support of medical marijuanna.

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