Senate Health Care Reform – hooray for democracy

Ah the joy of watching the “democratic” process in the Senate. Over the weekend the Senate passed their version of the Health Care Reform Bill, with a vote of 60 – 40. That vote was exactly Democrats vs Republicans. Don’t you love the bipartisanship displayed?

I also found it interesting how the vote tally so closely matched EVERY poll in America on how the public feels about Health Care Reform. The polls show that 60% of Americans are AGAINST the Bill, with only 35% in favor of it. And in case anyone wondered, EVERY poll in America has shown the growing public dislike of this Bill since late July 2009.

But it’s not like Senators are elected by the people. It’s not like Congress members refused to speak with the public about any of the dozen or so versions of the Health Care Reform Bill. It’s not like there have been months of debate and compromise that was open to the public.

Think about the transparency. The negotiations on Health Care Reform NEVER appeared on CNN, and were completely done behind closed doors. So much for that Preseidential promise from Obama.

Think about what the vote was. The version that was approved by the Senate is something only Majority Leader Harry Reid has read. He is the only person in the Senate that actually knows all of what is in the Bill. Because the final version has yet to be written. And it has yet to be submitted to the CBO to find out what it will actually cost. Thus the passage was done in the blind, another vote without reading. It’s like singing a contract you never read, which is something we are all advised to do right?

But at least the “special interests” were shut down. I know that is the case because President Obama said so on national television. It has to be true.

Except if you consider the $300 million dollars that went to Louisianna for their vote. Or the $100 million, and special treatment for taxes, that went to Nebraska – and Nebraska alone – for their vote. Or the “discussions” the White House had with any Democrat that had questions and reservations about voting yes. That’s not buyig votes. Those aren’t special deals cut for the benefit of certain States to ensure a yes vote. That’s not corruption at all.

Yes, this was a fine example of Democracy indeed. It merely violated the public trust, coerced and bought politician’s votes with taxpayer money and sweetheart deals, was done completely in backdoor deals, and is completely unknown in what it states and does.

Just think, this is such a good idea that it will now go forward to be combined with the equally shrouded Bill in the House of Representatives. It will be even more obfuscated by dealings behind closed doors. It will remain unexplained to the public. It will remain unread by the elected officials. And it will likely involve even more deals for Democrats that vote yes.

I can see with all this wheeling and dealing, how it MUST be the best outcome for America. I can understand that the $1.2 trillion cost will be worth giving insurance to an extra 10 million people (leaving another 20 million+ still uninsured). I can see how this justifies the equivalent of bribery, how it is worth the greater power for the Government over individuals lives, how the Government is smarter at running ANYTHING than the public is at EVERYTHING.

The best part is that for once some politicians have lived up to their words. The Health Care Reform was passed without a single Republican, without the public’s desire, without explaination, without anyone reading it, without concern for any obstacle whatsoever.

When Congress breaks for Christmas, I’m going to write (again) to Senatore Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, and Rep. Hinchey (all of New York State) and thank them for the bribes, lack of knowledge, and disregard of the public will they have done on behalf of their constituents. I will remind them how I will share these revelations with all of the voters in New York I can reach. I will guarantee them that as they campaign for re-election I will recite and display how they earned our votes by doing what they wanted. Yes they truly have mae it clear how they are in Washington D.C. to benefit a specific group of people – other politicians. And that’s their only reason they should return after the 2010 mid-term elections.

Democracy in action. I can’t wait to see it.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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