Car salesmen are more ethical than Congress

Oh the shock of it. Gallup just released a new annual poll that asked who is more ethical and trustworthy. Choices included nurses, doctors, policemen, stockbrokers, lawyers, car salesmen and politicians. One guess who was at the bottom of the list.

Yes, Congress scored the lowest rating. It would seem that America views those in Congress as the least ethical and trustworthy people in the nation. Even despised lawyers and car salesmen scored higher, and they actively screw people every day for a living. It just reflects the great job Government is doing.

I mean just look at all the great things done this year alone. Congress (Democrats to be fair) rammed the Obama Stimulus through without reading a page. Now they are preparing to spend another $150 billion to do the things they promised the Obama Stimulus would do. Maybe if they actually read the law they might have had a clue. Though only the truly unethical and untrustworthy would look the public in the eyes and say the Obama Stimulus has done a great job as 4 million more people are out of work since it was created. Only a politician would have the balls to say that they created a job as the unemployment numbers reach 26 year highs.

How about Health Care Reform. Congress (again Democrats are the focus here) refused to speak with the public on the proposed Bill en masse. They approved version after version as the public got more and more upset the more they found out what was in the Bill. But Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid, has stated clearly and in no uncertain terms that they will pass the Health Care Reform no matter the opposition. There’s a way to build confidence – let the employees tell the boss (the public) what job they will or won’t do.

Then there is the ultra-secret Cap & Trade Bill. Moved along with little fanfare, this Bill enacts the goal of President Obama to “necessarily skyrocket” energy prices. That’s like a car salesman selling you a car and then charging you 2x the price extra, because you want 4 wheels on the car.

Yes I can see why 55% of those polled found Congress to be untrustworthy. As for unethical, well you can look at either Party and find more than a few politicians that have sold political favors (Blogovich is one example), accepted bribes, pushed political agendas for financial gain (Hello Pelosi – how is the stock in wind power companies doing lately?), and backed organizations that have actively sought to defraud the Government and incite crime (Thank you for supporting ACORN Senator Gillibrand).

And don’t think this is just among Republicans. Democrats and Independants agree that Congress is now the home of the lying scum of the Earth. In fact, since 1977 – at least – there has never been a wider gap between those that still trust Congress and those that understand how 2-faced Congress is.

Just think, considering how trustworthy Congress has been in the last year and the fact they are about to ram through even more spending and Bills that the public does not want, what might be the new record low next year. Then again there is a ray of hope.

The 2010 mid-term elections might be a chance to do something about this. To take politicians like say Senator Gillibrand, that care more about the political clout of ACORN than keeping brothels out of the neighborhoods of constituents, and vote them out of office. To tell members of Congress like Senator Schumer and Harry Reid that they have been in charge for far too long, especially when they don’t read the Bill they make laws from.

That’s the choice that faces America next year. We can go back to the car salesman that ripped us off with a lemon, or find a new one. In fact, the poll makes it clear that most people trust the shady car salesman more than their representatives in Congress. Tell me it’s not time to get fresh blood in D.C., no matter the Party affiliation.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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