Mike Vass asks why women support N.O.W.

Ok, I need to ask the female readers for help on this.

I was checking back on the website of the National Organization for Women (www.now.org) to see if they had finally made a comment about the ‘death panel’ decision of the Government in regard to the change in policy for mammograms. To my surprise, not really, I found instead a post about something Glenn Beck said.

The title, Want to Insult a Powerful Woman? Call Her a Prostitue, is very direct. And it goes on to state at the top of the article

“Beck called Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) a “high-class prostitute” on his radio show.”

Which he did. In reference to the fact that Sen. Mary Landrieu gave a yes vote to the liberal and N.O.W. supported Health Care Reform Bill after receiving $300 million dollars for her state. For the record the Senator denies that the much needed money was a bribe for her vote. But the fact that Louisianna only got the money due to a last minute add-on to the Bill, and that right up until then she was on the fence does not help her defense. Politically, there is almost no one that would argue the money was not a bribe, and an expensive one, except the Democrat leadership.

The definition of prostitute is ” to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes : debase”. There is no male or female to the word. In it’s use among pundits describing politicians it is used on men and women. And that definition seems completely accurate to what seems blatantly obvious to the nation. Sen. Landrieu sold her vote for money. Effectively making her a prostitute.

But N.O.W. is all up in arms. They are losing their minds because Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh used this term as is often used against any politician acting in the same manner. As the word is defined.

So where was N.O.W. when Rep. Alan Grayson called a Republican woman a whore for doing her job? When I checked at the time there was no comment. In fact this article on Beck is the first time that I noticed Grayson being referred to on the N.O.W. site. And that’s what, a month after the fact. Plus he seems to have been referred to as an after thought.

But my point is this. N.O.W. responded to the comments by Beck and Limbaugh in 24 hours. N.O.W. has yet to comment on the change on the breast cancer issue after a week. They only mentioned Rep. Grayson after a month. They still have not mentioned anything about the actions of ACORN to this day to my knowledge. And there are several other issues they seem oddly quiet on, like the sexist depiction of Sarah Palin on the Newsweek cover. And almost every attack on her by pundits and others like David Letterman (until he attacked the underage daughter and everyone else chided Letterman for it first).

So they have the ability to make a comment when they want to. They have been blasting comments in favor of the Health Care Reform Bill on their site repeatedly. But when it comes to providing an equal examination and repudiation of males that are Liberals and Democrats, N.O.W. has other things to do.

They are hypocrits. They are a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party and the left wing. They are the least likely organization to truly look out for the rights of women, unless those women completely agree with exactly whatever partyline N.O.W. is advocating at the time.

That’s how I see it. Am I wrong? Does N.O.W. stand up for conservative women? Do they break with the Liberals and Democrats on issues where most women disagree (like the change in mammogram guidelines)?

And I have to ask, why would any woman support such an organization that does not truly support them? I’d really like to know.

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