Consequences of 9/11 trials in New York build globally

I don’t know how many people noticed this. It’s not the biggest news in regard to the 9/11 trials that are going to happen in NYC. But the ramifications of this trial, and how that affects Germany, is critical to Americans sleeping at night.

As reported by the N Y Post, Germany will be sending a group to watch over the trials of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and several other members of Al Quaida. Mohammed has already admitted his guilt in regard to the 9/11 attack (as has some of the others to be tried) and other actions with Al Quaeda. But the trial is going forward anyway, in New York.

Now I have a problem. Besides the fact that any trial will require that vital information about America and our information gathering services will be revealed and obviously then leaked to the world. Beside the fact that these religious nutjobs will likely spend the time spouting propaganda and attacking America (as if we attack them on 9/11).

Already lawyers for at least one of the Al Quaeda detainees being tried for 9/11, and rumors of all 5, has stated that there will be a plea of not guilty due to justification. That means that they will spout off in court and who knows how many cable news networks (especially full coverage of every anti-America word at MSNBC I’m sure) about how their warped minds felt it was ok to kill women and children and people in America that were defenseless because they were American and living their lives. They plan to inform the world that killing Americans just because we exist is a religious right. And do you think that might spur some additional fanatics in the same way William Hung spurred American Idol tryouts?

The issue at hand though is bigger. Because America intends to see at least some of these vile beasts dead for what they have done. Even President Obama was willing to say that. But Germany does not believe in the death penalty. In fact, they will actively not help any nation that seeks the death penalty of anyone. Which is a bit too altruistic from a nation with such a checked past.

But say that we convict Mohammed, using evidence from Germany. Evidence that is believed to be vital to get a conviction, if one can be had at all according to U.S. law. (Which again is ridiculous as these are not Americans) That means America has made Germany violate its law.

How might a nation act, that was forced to violate its own laws, in the future? Would such a Government ever be likely to share evidence and intelligence in the future? Would they willingly place themselves in another situation that might eventually lead them to the execution of another prisoner?

The answer is no. They would be offended and refuse to be involved with anything that might cause another fanatical bastard to be rightly killed for the death of innocents.

So what does that mean in the future? Think about it. What if Germany were aware of another terrorist cell. What if they learned of another attack on defenseless Americans. What if they decided that telling us about it, before or after, would lead to the death of the terrorists – so they decide not to say a word.

How much safer is America then? How safe would all the liberals pleading to give KSM and Al Quaeda rights that they would deny us having be if Germany, and other allies like maybe France or Italy, kept silent. How would those same liberals feel if it were their family, friends, co-workers that died in the next attack that could have been stopped?

This is yet another consequence of negative ramifications that is directly attached to the misguided and weak policies of the Obama Administration. This is yet one more way that America is being weakened and set-up for attack.

The 9/11 trials on U.S. soil is wrong. Trials outside of military tribunals is wrong. Placing our allies in the uncomfortable position of violating their own laws, for all the world to see, is wrong. There is no benefit to America from any of this. There is no better road to be traveled. There is only a path to isolation and attack of innocents, In my opinion.

I suggest that President Obama put a halt to these trials so he can think about the consequences like he is doing with our troops in Afghanistan. Democrats in Congress should urge President Obama to stop this. Our allies should remind the president of the consequences to our national security if we continue with this misbegotten plan.

Because figuring it all after Americans lie dead on American soil from a terrorist attack is not the time to say “sorry I was wrong”. Just ask President Clinton about that.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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