Success of the Obama Stimulus

Since there have been so many that are imploring everyone to just be happy with the success of the Obama Stimulus, I thought I might take a moment to list the benefits that have come to the nation. The gains since President Obama enacted the stimulus package have been numerous and widespread.

Besides creating several skate parks and artist walks in multiple cities across the nation, the Obama Stimulus has also helped curb homelessness in cities in Upstate New York without a homeless problem. It has helped increase consumer spending, thus ending the recession this summer. Except that the $25 a week actually didn’t affect the consumer spending at all, and the only thing that did improve the numbers was the $3 billion spent on Cash for Clunkers – which was additional spending by the Government. Well at least there is no dispute that the Obama Stimulus created or “saved” 1 million jobs.

Except that it didn’t make it to 1 million. According to the numbers reported by the White House, which were triple checked, only some 600,000 jobs were created. But that’s not quite right either. The White House, via, quietly reduced the number of jobs created or “saved” by 60,000 – because of human errors.

Human errors. That’s a critical statement. Because it has nothing to do with the Obama Administration instructing those that got stimulus money to count a raise as a percentage of a “saved” job. So if anyone got a raise of .05 cents from Stimulus money, their entire job and income was multiplied by 1.8% and used to determine a job that was created. This lead to several reports like from Massachuesetts where a company with 500 employees reported 900 jobs “saved”. Because Government math is the right math.

Of course that has nothing to do with the at least 4 states that had reports of jobs created or “saved” in congressional districts that don’t exist. Yep, there are places that only exist in a map made by the Obama Stimulus, and, that got stimulus money and employed people that live in these other dimensional places. Take for example the Florida 86th Congressional district.

The 86th Florida congressional district does not exist. Anywhere. Yet they contacted and reported that they received $3,000,000 to create 5 jobs. So money was spent on a place that is imaginary and gave work to people that are best identified as illusions. Or more hopefully someone made a major mistake. Over and over again as this has happened repeatedly in multiple states with multiple fictional districts.

“I [Rep. Brown-Waite of Florida] was alarmed to see that Democrats have spent $3,582,587 to create five jobs in Florida’s 86th congressional district. In the fighting 53rd they spent $460,000 of your taxpayer dollars to create zero jobs,” she said. Florida has 25 U.S. Congressional Districts.”

But don’t worry, this report was triple checked before being released to the public. The White House said so as late as October 28th.

And be reassured that President Obama will not let this “side issue” (as stated in an interview with Major Garett of Fox News – the people that weren’t real news remember?) clutter up the success of the stimulus. I mean he has the unemployment rate to brag about. It’s just 10.2% – according to Government figures because the real unemployment data shows 18% if you include those people no longer able to get unemployment checks, which the Government doesn’t. That’s only 2% over the absolute ceiling that President Obama promised the public, and even White House economists now state that the numbers can go higher by next year. (My early guess was 11.5% but I may be wrong – to the low end)

Plus President Obama has the ability to brag about the cost per job from the Stimulus. Let’s just assume that even the fictional places and people, plus all the Government math, are all right. That means there is roughly 600,000 jobs. We spent roughly $166,000 on each job, and each job will generate roughly $30,000 a year. That’s only a loss of $136,000 a job, which by Government standards is pretty good.

The best part may be something I just learned about today. Remember Florida? Well Representative Ginny Brown-Waite wanted to see just how much money President Obama spent on creating the website that has been so accurate and outstanding. How much do you think it was worth to have this site created with such pinpoint accuracy and authenticity?

Well the answer, as given to a member of Congress, is who knows? Yes, I will repeat that. There is no known cost for creating the website Made for the Obama Administration, the contract is redacted so as to completely obscure what the original cost was. Since this has nothing to do with national security, and since just a member of Congress was asking I’m glad we got to know this minor “side issue”.

But the news gets better. We also know, thanks to Representative Brown-Waite, that it cost a mere $18 million to update the site. That’s barely enough money to have created (or “saved”) 15 jobs – by Obama Stimulus standards. And I know all those web designers like M V Consulting, Inc are thinking that they might have been able to bid lower than $18 million dollars to UPDATE a website. But it wouldn’t have worked as the CBO offered to do it for $600,000 (not even enough to create – or “save” – even 1 job) and they were turned down.

So don’t you feel happy? Feel a tingle up you leg? Due to the Obama Stimulus, which is completely a Democrat idea and passed by Democrats well after President Bush was gone, every American can be proud to say they have paid for what I believe is the most expensive website in the world to date. Perhaps ever.

And it is so accurate that if it were a clock it would be right twice a day – sometimes. It’s so transparent that only reading details with your eyes closed would be more informative. It’s created so many jobs that only the number saved is more effective at reversing unemployment. It’s so cost-effective that it inspires trust in Health Care Reform and Cap & Trade (and the more than whispered 2nd Stimulus for 2010) that only the utter brilliance in planning that was Cash for Clunkers could achieve.

Yes, President Obama along with Democrats and Vice President Biden should be basking in the joy that the Obama Stimulus has succeeded in creating. They have really proved me and all other detractors wrong.

“How can we expect the administration to run stimulus when they can’t even run a Web site?” – Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite of Florida

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Michael Vass
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