N.O.W. is at best a joke, at worst an insult

Yes I really do believe that. But before the screaming starts, let me tell you why I feel like that.

Given that I am a man, I look over the N.O.W. website from time to time. Generally where there is a major issue in the news cycle that affects or involves women. Like the recent change in policy of the Government in regard to women getting mammograms. Or the sexist photo of Sarah Palin on Newsweek’s cover.

Given moments like that, and others, I like to see what an organization that states they are for the rights of women has to say. But again and again I note that the National Organization for Women fails to say anything that is not seemingly Democrat approved. They consistently fail to comment on Democrats and Liberals that viciously attack women, that denigrate women. They consistently fail to notice media institutions that belittle women and reinforce stereotypes.

Top Priority issues for N.O.W., according to their own site include:

  • Ending racism
  • Economic Rights
  • Mothers/Caregivers economic Rights
  • Media Activism
  • Health
  • and many others.

    So given that these are among the top issues for this group, that claims to be for women, why is it that they have yet to say anything about the new breast cancer guidelines? How about the implications of how the guideline may cause women, especially low income and minority women, to lose insurance coverage for mammograms. Thus increasing the number of later stage breast cancer cases and decreasing the chances of survival.

    That does fall under Health right? Maybe even Mothers economic rights? And when you consider that African American women are the most likely to have breast cancer found at late stage, and the highest number of deaths in the 30- 54 age group directly affected by the new guideline, that falls under Affirmative Action and Ending racism. At least to some degree.

    But according to the N.O.W. website that isn’t an important issue. Because days after the news hit and everyone has spoken for or against the guidelines, N.O.W. still hasn’t said a word. Check out their news section for yourself http://www.now.org/news/whatsnew.html . They are definitely interested in healthcare, the Democrat Health Care Reform Bill. But noticing that the new guidelines is errily the same as the often disputed “death panels” seems trivial to N.O.W.

    How about Sarah Palin. There is little question that the Newsweek photo on their cover is meant to belittle and diminish theis successful mother of 5. The cover photo, which is not Newsweek’s (they used a photo from a running magazine), has nothing to do with politics or the issues in Palin’s book. It is hyper sexual in a way that Newsweek has never dared do to Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton. In fact, Newsweeks cover is pretty blatant in its sexism and political agenda.

    So a group that is for Mothers rights, and media activism surely would have something to say about this. They would never let someone insult a woman in such a manner. Yet, according to their site, they have nothing to say.

    N.O.W. is a bunch of hypocrits. They don’t care about women, I’m left to conclude. They care about the political status they can bestow on Democrats and Liberals due to they projected image of being for women. They are effectively using women, it’s almost a political prostitution.

    I know that some would say, “but they are so busy, they didn’t get a chance to post news on these things.” Sorry but that doesn’t hold water. I write for multiple blogs, maintain about 200 websites, and work on investor relations every day. My company is tiny. yet I and every political group that catres and has fewer employees was able to comment on these items days ago. So if its a matter of personnel, that means N.O.W. is incompetent because they have the people.

    I don’t think they are since they can handle interviews on television, speak with Congress, write press releases, and a dozen other thigs all in the same day. Thus they just don’t care. Theyu have a political agenda to support, even at the cost of the women they purport to be looking out for. They have an intention of gaining and maintaining power, which does not have much to do with helping any group unless it benefits them directly.

    That makes the mission of the National Organization of Women a joke. But if N.O.W. wants to correct me on this, I’m all ears.

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    Michael Vass
    Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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