Senator Gillibrand talks tough defending special interests

I noticed that Senator Gillibrand has recently been drumming up support to defeat an amendment to the Health Care Reform Bill called the Stupack Amendment.

Now here is something I have not heard. Senator Gillibrand responding to questions about the Health Care Reform Bill itself. Just like letters to Senator Schumer, and Rep. Hinchey, I sent letters asking about specific portions of the Health Care Reform debate. Just Like Senator Schumer I received a form letter (only once) that in no way responded to a single question I asked, nor indicated that she has actually read a page of the actual Bill.

The above video might give the impression that Senator Gillibrand has read the Bill. Then again, as the junior Seantor of New York and her high dependancy on the Democrat Party plus Senator Schumer to provide her funding to get re-elected in 2010, I can’t say she has. Just that it seems she has read this one add-on part to the Bill. Which is not good enough.

Why is it so hard for a politician to say they have read a piece of legislation they want to vote for that will effect their constituents? Why have so many politicians avoided talking to the public on a Bill the majority of people reject and only special interest groups support? Why won’t this Senator respond to a member of the press and media?

It’s just like how Senator Gillibrand voted to pass an extention of unemployment benefits by 20 weeks. She wants all kinds of press coverage for this. But she won’t address why she and almost every other Democrat voted for the Obama Stimulus without reading that Bill either. And the Obama Stimulus has failed in every possible manner.

So far it has been repeatedly proven by press in every medium, in every State, that the official Government “success” of the Obama Stimulus is falsely indicating jobs. Unemployment has rocketed past the promised upper limit, with expectations that both the number of unemployed will increase as well as the fact that job growth and creation will not occur for perhaps years.

Thus Senator Gillibrand wants to look good enough to get votes, but won’t take responsibility for actions that have hurt the people of New York State. She wants your vote, but won’t talk to the public directly. She will support special interest groups that fund Democrats, but won’t reveal how that support might appear in legislation she won’t even admit to having read.

Last I checked, Senator Gillibrand wouldn’t even explain why she was one of 7 Senators that voted to continue to fund ACORN, after it was revealed how they abused taxpayer funds, were in courts in multiple States for voter fraud, were willing to promote illegal activities, and were suspected of bilking tens of millions of dollars. Oh by the way, though Senator Gillibrand won’t mention it, ACORN also gave her their support in the upcoming 2010 mid-term elections in June.

So when I hear her on the floor of the Senate, stating that an Amendment to a Bill I question her having read that also happens to be against the interest of special interests that have pledged to her continuation in the Senate, I have my doubts to her veracity. When the Health Care Reform that Senator Gillibrand supports is factually incapable of doing the basic cause it was created for (it is a fact that it will fail to cover roughly 20 million Americans or more), that it will violate its purpose (it is a fact that the Government has stated it will increase healthcare costs and the national debt by 100’s of billions of dollars), that it is so poorly written that in 2000 pages it is unclear what it will actually do and for whom, I have serious doubts.

Given all of this, and the fact that Senator Gillibrand expects New Yorkers to blindly re-elect her as she blindly follows Democrat Party leaders that have effectively show their inability to spend public tax money responsibly (Obama Stimulus), make indecisions on matters they directly stated were of national interest (Afghanistan), and are committed to programs that will directly harm the livelihood of millions of Americans (Cap & Trade), I have to wonder why anyone would consider re-electing her.

But I would love for Senator Gillibrand to explain any of this to my readers. It’s only my 5th time asking for an answer. How many more times will I ask, and write letters that will not be responded to, and be denied interviews, before Senator Gillibrand plasters the airwaves with request for re-election?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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