Global warming?

Who is Lord Monckton? Do you know? I didn’t, but it seems that Al Gore definitely does.

Why is it important to know? Well it makes the difference if you want to know the truth about global warming.

Now like most people I am not a scientist. I don’t have a supercomputer crunching extreme theoretical math. So I must rely on a few bits of common sense, and experts. Al Gore is not an expert.

Al Gore is a personality. Al Gore is a figurehead promoting an idea that he likes and others have now come to agree with. Al Gore does not have a degree in any field relating to global warming or meteorology, though he does have an Oscar (normally given to people acting believibly[sp]).

But Lord Monckton is an expert, or at least is arguably that. There is some debate to his credentials. Though if nothing else he is as much of an authority as Al Gore who also has no direct scientific degree in this field. And it was Lord Monckton that took out ads in the New York Times and Washington Post in 2007, among other publications, challenging Al Gore to an international debate on the subject of global warming. Gore has refused to respond to this day. Then again, Al Gore has refused to defend the allegations in his movie to this day, no matter who challenges him.

Thus given the choice of politicians that have an opinion on the subject I have to rely on a couple of facts.

There is only records of the temperature for about 120 years. Any temperature given before that time is a guess based on estimates that may or may not be based on a preconceived idea.

There are more polar bears than when Al Gore started the trend.

In the 1980’s I recall the consensus of scientists ablosutely proving that global cooling was in effect.

Exaggerations of sea ice disappearence by well regarded scientific experts in 2007 were blatantly wrong.

Add to these and other facts to a bit from Lord Monckton on October 30th 2009:

‘Currently 30 billion tons of CO2 is made each year. Based on UN estimates in 91 years there will be an extra 7 trillion tons of CO2. This will cause global temperatures to increase 7 degrees, which is outrageous to the world. If every car, factory, and all electricity generation [via coal and oil] stopped today it will take 33 years to reduce the amount of CO2 enough to drop 1 degree in global temperature.’

Which says nothing of Lord Monckton again challenging Al Gore to an international debate on the subject

“Are you an armchair quarterback? … If you won’t debate me on international television then sit quietly and never speak on this subject again.”

Now again I am no scientist, just like Al Gore. I have an opinion about global warming, just like Al Gore. And I have read multiple statements and reports from accredited scientists on the subject, just like Al Gore. But I don’t believe global warming is real. Never have, and still don’t.

So why is it that so many people are willing to publicly debate the subject and provide various theories in opposition of global warming, but all Al Gore seems willing to do is count the money An Inconvienent Truth has made him? It’s not like he will lose the Oscar or Nobel Prize. All he can do is prove his point, or look like a complete fool.

So who do you believe? A guy who won an award (possibly for just not being President Bush and to soothe the hurt of not being smart enough to win an election) but won’t talk, or all the other people that are talking and providing facts.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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