Sean Hannity interview with Michael Moore – the 10/10 interview

Tonight Sean hannity provided a bit more of his interview with director Michael Moore. As before I am providing an edited (for time purposes) video of that conversation, and commenting below it.

Michael Moore is really something else. Just listen to his answers. He truly believes what he is saying, which is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the propaganda he creates.

What I find so telling is how Moore constantly refers to how others should be forced to pay for things he thinks should exist. He keeps mentioning the rich and people like Hannity. But he rarely remembers to place himself in that group. As he barely was willing to admit in the prior interview segment, Moore is a multi-millionaire. Yet he is not willing to give up his money for all the programs he wants the Government (ie you though taxes) to pay for.

The part that gets me riled up is how he wants to double the taxes of those he calls rich. Like many on the far-left he considers business owners like myself to be “rich” and thus wants to double our taxes. Well I can say that like Hannity, doubling my taxes would leave me nothing. Just like most business owners I know.

Why should my taxes be doubled anyway? Because someone else has not worked as hard as me and thus obligates me to give them my money? Because the State, County, Federal taxes I personally pay, plus the same for my business, and SS, and workers pay and the taxes for them, and taxes on any investments I might make and taxes on my home and property, just isn’t enough? Outside of the dreamland that the multi-millionaire Moore lives in, the rest of us who work hard don’t have a lot left over, if anything – in the best of economies.

At one point Moore makes the insane comment that no one pays over 50% in taxes. Is he dumb or just blind. I pay over 50%, as do many people I know, when you add all the taxes together. And yet people like Moore just want more like I’m a never ending well of money for them to drain.

How about the part when Moore is just laughing. That’s his first and natural response to a serious reality. I found that part to be so telling about his nature. That anything said that counters his views just is a joke, no matter how many facts are placed in front of him. And then he wonders why so many people don’t agree with his way of thinking.

And did you notice that Moore could not face the reality of the shortcomings of President Obama. That he has factually failed in 97% of the campaign promises he made. That the actions he has taken since in office has hurt the economy and the livelihood of MILLIONS of Americans. No, he sees a President, and likely a Congress as well, that just needs time and cannot be commented on as he continues to act in a manner that has no foreseeable positive outcome.

Michael Moore is a hypocrit. He wants other peoples money to go to do things he wants done. He wants to hide his own wealth, or the suggestion of it, and blame others for their own success. He is unwilling to accept that my hard work does not equal his resource pool. He is ungrateful in that he cannot accept that only in America is it possible for a man of his origins to become a man of the wealth and power he now has.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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    I don’t really lean to any side of the isle these days. As u can see in this video, the left and right have extreme points of views to make their point. They both constantly evade each others statements and questions as children do. I’m sure Michael Moore isn’t against Capitalism but he’s explaining his point poorly, which give the impression he’s a 100% socialist. I think that Shawn Hannity won that interview. Which is surprising. He’s improved a little seemed more fair.

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