Democrats are planning to buy your vote, again

In the not so far off past, long time readers will recall that I had a post about then candidate-Senator Hillary Clinton. The title was Senator Clinton tries to buy cheap votes with baby bonds.

The issue at the time was the polispeak pitch by then-Senator Clinton to families across the nation. She proposed, half-heartedly as usual, to give every child in America $5000. All you had to do is be born in the nation. At the time I stated

“First, who is going to come up with the 20 billion dollars such a program will cost? You will, say hello to new taxes.

Second, what if your child doesn’t want to go to college. Maybe they want to be an artist, truck driver or construction worker. Where does their money go to? Do they just lose it? Where does that extra money go?

Third, when we say every baby, that includes the babies born of illegal aliens (or the silly undocumented workers designation – here’s a clue – the document missing is a U.S. birth certificate or green card hence illegal)…

Fifth, if the average college tuition is $22,218 (private) or $5,836 (public) and we assume 10% annual growth for just 18 years that means (forgive my math it’s been a while) $98,973 and $32,380 respectively. Taking $5,000 for 18 years at 10% (current rates are 4.75%) then Senator Clinton’s generous gift of your money generates $27,936. Now if my math is correct (which I’m sure I will be told if I am not) and interest rates go up to and stay at 10% (not going to happen) there is still a shortfall of $4,444 just for [public] school.”

It was a laughable idea, and was dropped by Clinton the second one of her Democrat Primary competitors raised an eyebrow at this shameless attempt to buy off the votes of the public.

But it seems that the idea didn’t die in October 2007. {yes for all the new readers, I do go back that far in my political coverage. And further with literally hundreds of posts at a separate blog platform – check the link above}

The new proposal from Democrats is the ASPIRE ACT, standing for America Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement, and Education. Given that Democrats have already wasted $787 billion, set up a budget that’s some $3.5 trillion in deficit, and are trying to past a bogus Health Care Reform (at least $1.2 trillion when Congress fails to cut Medicare) with the Cap & Trade slipping in the back door (double your electric rates) – there just isn’t extra money around to waste on this idea.

A mere $500 dollars is being proposed for

“…give each child born in the United States a $500 savings account. Recipients could then use that money once they were older to pay for education, a first home, or retirement. Low-income children would receive additional funding, and all participants could add to their accounts over time.”

Forgetting that the billions it would cost have to come from somewhere, higher taxes yet again, let’s think about this plan. The problems above still all apply. Yes even the illegal aliens since the interpretation of the Constitution these days requires that any law to benefit all Americans must include everyone in the Country. So your taxes would help give an illegal alien your money directly.

Actually the second question was answered. Still it’s a chunk of money on top of all the other rampant spending from Congress. But I have to wonder, why this idea now? And again I am reminded of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton proposed this idea to bolster he political standing and distract from her many flaws and non-convictions. Congress right now needs much of the same thing. Health Care Reform, as it currently is being discussed – nothing is written yet, is still considered a bad idea across the country. Yet Democrats have blatantly stated it’s going to happen no matter what voters think. Such an attitude will surely come back during the 2010 mid-term elections.

If Cap & Trade passes as well, the hit to every Americans pocketbook will really be hitting home by them. Both in the higher cost of electricity and fuel & for any product made via electricity – can you name one that isn’t?

Democrats need something to distract voters from the fact they just got it hard and without grease or so much as a here it comes. Democrats need a way to ensure that their super majority holds so they can complete the social engineering plan they have enacted under the standard of “Change you can believe in”.

So just as they bought favor with promises of an Obama Stimulus that put nothing in the pocket, took tens of millions in food away from American families, and increased unemployment 2% higher than what President Obama stated would happen is absolutely nothing was done. Well that’s not completely true. A bunch of cities got skate parks and some people got a part-time job for a week.

Do you want to be bought? Is your vote in the 2010 mid-term elections for sale at a discounted price from just 2 years ago (talk about an economic crash). Are you as dumb as Democrats hope you will be?

I don’t think my readers are.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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