Michael Moore vs. Sean Hannity – commentary

In a battle of political views that went about even, Sean Hannity interviewed Michael Moore tonight. I can honestly say that I find both men extreme in their views and wrong more often than not.

Given their extremes, the interview was interesting. On the one hand we have Michael Moore who seems ashamed of the wealth he has attained via the capitalist system he recently railed against. ON the other we have Sean Hannity who failed to solidify his reasoning on several issues. And it gets deeper than that.

Given that much of the blogosphere is leaning liberal I won’t bother with challenging Sean Hannity. But the words of Michael Moore do deserve deeper thought.

I find it interesting, to start with that Michael Moore is both seemingly ashamed of the wealth he has made and his reluctance to admit it. Why is it that the most extreme of the far-left tend to also have extreme wealth? Why is it that when asked about the wealth that they have generated in America under the system as it stands they tend to deflect the conversation?

Michael Moore has made millions, as he finally admits, because of the capitalist system. In no other nation could he attain such wealth. And in no other country could he so visibly and dramatically do so against the political system. he may laugh at the thought of Castro killing him for his career, but far too many others know this to be a fact. A fact he never wants to address, and steers the conversation away from.

Moore moves on to attack America, via the unpopular Iraq war. While he completely dismisses the fact that most every major Government in the world stated that WMD’s existed (and recently reports have emerged that some were moved to Syria before the start of the war). He dismisses the actions of Al Quida. He dismisses the fact that the day an American soldier placed a foot on Iraq or Afghanistan soil the reason why they were sent is moot.

At another point in the video Moore goes on to discuss the pain that President Obama must suffer through due to the actions of President Bush. Yet he also states that President Clinton, and many of his predecessors got a lot wrong as well. Which means that both President Bush and Obama are dealing with the issues from before their administrations. Yet Moore only wants to focus on the Republican Presidents. Isn’t that open of him.

Something else Moore completely ignores is how President Bush fixed the economy after the internet bust that President Clinton ignored. President Bush had his issues but why not give him credit for what he did get right. Or is that just not important?

And why is it that the far-left can sit and blame a Republican Administration for all of the woes of today, but not recognize the earlier causes of the problem? Nor do they seem willing to address the current issues that are solely in the realm of the Obama Administration? The $787 billion Obama Stimulus is all current, and a failure – by the standards that President Obama set. The Health Care Reform is opposed by the majority of all Americans, and its a complete Democrat issue. The Cap & Trade Bill is an Obama Campaign promise, that will cause more Americans to lose jobs and drive the poor poorer. Where is the criticism on that?

But perhaps the biggest issue I have with Moore and other far-left extremists, especially those promoting calls for change to a socialist agenda, tend to be ultra-wealthy. Moore may be bashful, but he is worth millions. Yet his insistance to take care of a handful of people absolves him of the wrongs he believes all the wealthy have. Odd.

He never answers why he has not donated all his wealth. He never explains why he has 2 homes, which is more than he needs. Shouldn’t he only have one home and give the other to the poor? Isn’t $1 million enough to live on? Aren’t there poor people across the nation that he could help take care of for life with his excess? Yet he is happy to live far better than most and tell the next guy to take care of everyone instead of doing it himself. Isn’t that very democratic?

I respect that Moore is vocal about his beliefs. But I have to wonder what his agenda truly is, since he does not live by the convictions he would impose on the rest of America. It’s hypocritical, and a slap in the face to those he proposes to take care of. And it seems to be a constant among many on the far-left.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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