CBO confirms the problems with Health Care Reform

It’s a victory, if you are a Democrat. Then again, the Democrat-led Congress has yet to read any of the Bills being voted out of Congress since the Obama Administration took over. So I doubt they really know what the CBO has just said.

The review by the CBO of the Baucus Bill has stated that it will cost roughly $829 billion. That’s over $100 billion more than what was proposed. So already the Bill has a strike against it. But Democrats call this a victory as it is less than $1 trillion they thought it might actually cost. Funny how they quote one cost, knowing that it will cost far more. Makes me wonder why the budget is so far out of whack (and prior Administrations of either Party are no better on this).

But here is another gem that you likely won’t here from Democrats that is in the CBO report. After all the hype about how we must provide healthcare for 47 million uninsured people, the CBO says that the Health Care Reform will still leave 29 million people uninsured. Yes, 29 million of those people that we just have to change the entire system for will remain in exactly the same the same position as they are now. Minus $829 billion.

Remember that the 47 million is a false number. It can only be reached by adding in 12 million or so illegal aliens, and 7 million or so people that CHOOSE to not have healthcare. Which leaves a net total of 28 million uninsured. So in fact the Baucus Bill CREATES roughly 1 million new people that will be uninsured.

Don’t worry though. At least 1/3 of all the new people that will be covered by the Baucus Health Care Reform will in fact be illegal aliens. That’s right, the CBO agrees with Representative Wilson – President Obama and the Democrat leadership lied.

So that’s strikes 2 and 3 right? The Bill should be out. It should be history, a complete failure that needs to be brushed aside for something that actually will do what it’s title states. But, remeber this is a Democrat victory.

The Bill is able to pass the stipulation President Obama announced on television. Yes, they are trying to keep a promise for a President with a record of 97% failure to keep promises. How encouraging.

How will this be deficit nuetral? Matter of fact, as you will hear Democrats tout, the CBO claims it will save $81 billion over 10 years (that’s a total saved over 10 years, not a lump sum). But what you aren’t being told is how it gets to that savings.

$400 billion will come from Medicare, or in other words the elderly. So if you get old, expect to have less coverage and care when you need it most. I bet that line will be real popular, if it ever gets into the mainstream media, when it comes time for re-elections. Or Congress will just ignore the cuts in Medicare, as they have done in the past, and the price will skyrocket to $1.2 trillion. But no one will be paying attention at that point, and even if you did it will be a law and so you are S.O.L.

This says nothing of the increased taxes that will be placed on companies and current premium health insurance plans. Not sure what that means? Higher taxes on the average American. Middle class taxes in effect. Just like every tax on business is passed on to the consumer and public. Kind of like Cap & Trade but with your health.

Yet the joy does not end there. Don’t forget about that pesky increased 29 million without health care. They will be charged for not taking the Obama Care like a good American should. They will be penalized, and that is part of the cost savings the CBO found. $4 billion dollars is expected over 10 years, from most likely people in their 20’s. That’s roughly a fine of $1800 each person, each year they don’t get on-board with the plan. But don’t call that a tax hike.

Of course you could decide not to pay that fine. As I have already covered, the Bauchus Bill covers that possibility. If you fail to pay the fine you will go to jail, and/or have to pay $25,000. Not sure how much of that is factored into the CBO numbers, but I bet it’s in there. Cost savings indeed.

Look this thing is still full of holes. It still is not a benefit to the nation. It still will cost more money than ever projected, as has Medicare and Medicaid. Which says nothing of the fact that this places Government directly into the private lives of Americans.

Health care reform is not a Right. Just as there is no Right to owning a house, or eating your favorite food, or driving a car. The Government can’t post a document onto the internet in less than 2 weeks, but they are claiming to protect a Right that does not exist in the Constitution and was created to invade your privacy.

Yes, you won’t hear this in the major media. Because they will be busy with polispeak celebrating a victory. With hopes of convincing people this is a good idea, long enough to pass this and glide past the 2010 mid-term elections. That is if you don’t pay attention.

Are you?

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