Democrats “don’t want to raise your kids”, but they will

Ever notice how much Banking/Finance, the Auto Industry, and Health Care all have in common? You did notice the similarities in each of these industries right? Because President Obama definitely has, as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress.

Perhaps the most obvious thing that they all have in common is the fact that President Obama has stated that he does not want to run any of them. In 2 of the 3 industries, so far, the comments by President Obama came only shortly before Congress passed and President Obama signed laws that guaranteed the Government now runs these industries.

If you ever wondered if that is a fact consider this. President Obama has established that the Government can hire or fire ANY employee in these industries. He, with Congress, has decreed the salaries of these employees. The Government has taken critical stock positions in these companies, violating corporate law to do so.

Going even further, the Government has mandated the types of products these industries will provide the public – whether we like it or not. And in the most recent step the Government has actively run an ad sales programs to drive up sales (the Cars for Clunkers program).

Considering President Obama and Congress don’t want to run private business, they seem rather busy doing just that.

And with Health Care they plan to go one step further.

This is what Congress intends to pass in a national healthcare bill. The ability to enter a home, initially on a voluntary basis, and teach parents how the Government believes the children should be taught, and what the Government wants them to learn.

Because President Obama and Congress believe that Americans are too dumb to make decisions themselves. That’s why the Stimulus plan does not create jobs, but does fund pro-liberal and pro-democrat social projects. That’s why the Government now determines employee pay and hiring in private businesses. It’s why the Government is deciding what cars will be made, and what the public will buy. And as an extension of that thought, the public is too dumb to pick their own doctor or healthcare.

Which means we must be too dumb to raise our children. But the Government can take care of that too. All for a few trillion dollars of the public’s future earnings.

After a few years with the Government teaching our kids, they might even be right. I mean the Government is so smart they can’t balance a budget. And they have done the most fantastic job of taking care of Native American Indians.

Even Representative Barney Frank thinks this is a stepping stone to other agendas not being presented to the public

And you know when Rep. Frank speaks he only has the best interest of the nation in mind. Just like other Democrats including Senator Schumer. Just look how well they took care of the nation with the mortgage crisis in its early stages.

Just wait til they start teaching our children, in our homes, what they want them to think.

And you know this will all be ready to happen once you hear the words of President Obama

‘I don’t want to run the healthcare industry.’

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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