President Obama goes to television, but healthcare is still a problem

So President Obama went on national television to explain why the current health care reform must happen immediately. He told the nation that the current system does not work, that health care costs are skyrocketing, and that jobs can suffer from the inaction of Republicans and/or Congress.

It sounds compelling.

Except when you look at what is going on, and what has already happened.

Everyone agrees that health insurance is too high. It costs boatloads of money whether you have a family or not, or are an employer or employee. Something should be done. The point is what needs to be done.

Currently the “plan” being proposed by Congress is garbage. It has huge holes, and is counter-productive. Not because I say so, but because every independent review of costs says so. The CBO has stated directly that the proposed plan will INCREASE Government costs, not reduce them as President Obama claims. A cost of some $1.5 trillion on top of everything else that has been spent.

Add to that the fact that this will be a mandatory health care program for around 114 million Americans. And when I say mandatory I mean that if you don’t take it, it will cost you an extra 2.5% in taxes every year you don’t have it. That hardly sounds cost-nuetral to me.

The current plan does little to stop the Government from continuing to grow. In fact it requires bigger Government, that is even more intrusive into the lives of the public. President Obama stated that he cannot guarantee that the way healthcare is delivered will not change. In politics that means it most assuredly will change. Just like the Government is already involved and changing things.

But the part that I really liked is how President Obama has linked jobs, the economy, and health care. Now the problem of the economy is health care cost. In November it was the greed of Wall Street. In January it was the fault of Republicans and President Bush. In March it was Banks refusing to lend money. Notice that the cause changes depending on the Bill that President Obama wants to pass?

On top of that, do you notice that each of the Bills that President Obama pushes for is urgent. Dire things will happen to the American public and our jobs if we don’t do as he says. Because he knows what is best.

That’s the exact reason that the Stimulus plan was rushed through Congress. A plan so flawed that even Democrats (a couple) voted against it. Possibly because they didn’t read it, like everyone else in Government. That plan was supposed to keep unemployment way under 8%, and improve the economy. Which even the Obama Administration has started to admit is not happening.

Yet President Obama is saying that this is an immediate need. That if we don’t do this there will be dire circumstances. That America cannot wait to figure out the best plan, and must take this plan. Just like with the Stimulus Bill.

I disagree. Rushing a badly designed plan does not improve the situation. Slamming a Bill through Congress because Democrats can, does not mean it is a good plan. Recent history has proven that.

Healthcare is too big to just make it up as we go. The impact to the deficit is too large to just assume it will work out. It is too vital to hope it will help more than hurt. And the current plan is so flawed that Democrats that support the current plan would not even place themselves or their families into the plan. A fact shown by recent votes about making Congress adopt the same plan coverage as would be given to the public.

Perhaps it’s me, but I don’t believe Government is smarter than me. I can balance my checkbook, they can’t. I read documents before signing them so I know what I am committing to, Government has not. When I make a decision it’s because I have considered all the facts, Government politicians watch polls and go with the trend rather than the best option.

There is a reason why polls show the health care reform, or health insurance reform as President Obama is now rewording it, is losing support. Because it is a bad plan being rushed thru because the political landscape makes it possible now. But in my lifetime, any time that Government acts quickly or via political math the result has always been horrendous. This is no different.

The current health care reform, as envisioned and proposed by Democrats (and Democrats alone), supported by President Obama, is a bad plan. Don’t support it. Because the real problem will be if it passes as it exists now. Something you won’t feel until you and/or a loved one goes to a doctor; and then it might be too late.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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