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Letter to Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer, Rep. Hinchey, Rep. Hanna on Benghazi investigation

November 15, 2012 Michael Vass 0

We at the Binghamton Political Examiner and M V Consulting, Inc are concerned with the on-going and growing scandal of the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Serious questions have arisen due to a lack of consistent and coherent answers about that attack, which affect constituents at various levels. We seek answers on your efforts to help provide constituents with answers

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Following-up on the response of Mayor Matt Ryan on debt ceiling and Binghamton NY

July 19, 2011 Michael Vass 0

We understand that there is a great deal that is unknown. We understand that there is a great deal in the hands of the Obama Administration (in case of failing to raise the debt ceiling). We understand that elected officials outside of Washington DC have little influence, and possibly even less information.

But we sought to understand what is underway. How residents may best be prepared and to remain confident that elected leaders are investigating plans to ensure their way of life. We continue to seek that.