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Transcript: Michael “Vass” Vasquez announces exploratory committee

April 23, 2013 Michael Vass 0

Now is the time for full disclosure and forthright answers. Over nearly a decade I have been actively reporting issues from the local to the international level. Often, like many of us all, I have felt the frustration as political gridlock stalled efforts. The net result is a Government that is failing the populace. Congress needs to reconnect to the public it serves. Thus it is in the spirit of one of the great American Presidents, on the anniversary of his speech praising the average American, that I am launching my exploratory committee for the 2014 NY 22nd Congressional seat.

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Response to Facebook comment: Talk about gun restrictions “boring”, so shooting sprees must be “exciting”

December 19, 2012 Michael Vass 0

Perhaps it is pedantic to address, but it may be that the fact incidents like the San Antonio shooting, Sandy Hook, and so many others are being promoted by the need for adrenaline suggested on Facebook. There isn’t a single community in the nation that wants to be known for a murderous shooting spree – not Columbine, not Sandy Hook, not Binghamton, NY. What we are suggesting is keeping these events far more “pedestrian” as the Facebook comment suggests.

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Broome County Urban League annual dinner

November 11, 2012 Michael Vass 0

Broome County Urban League, held its annual dinner at Terra Cotta, at 81 State Street downtown Binghamton. 102 people attended with Assemblywoman Donna Luprdo being the keynote speaker. Mattie Ervin, Chairwoman for the Broome County Urban League, stated about the event, “Tonight’s event is focused on the people who went through the programs. We wanted to let them talk about the successes and failures. They are what we are here for.”

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