M V Consulting president Michael Vasquez with NY-22 Representative Chris Collins in Binghamton NY

NY-27 Rep. Chris Collins comes to Binghamton, NY to celebrate Claudia Tenney and local Republicans

September 2, 2016 Michael Vass 2

Rep. Chris Collins – “So for NY-22 to have their best representation, while people may not like to hear how politics plays out they need a Republican who sits in the majority. Who’s in the room when decisions are being made. Who can step forward, if there is anything relative to the NY-22, that’s of a concern and have the ear of the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader and all the Committee Chairmen.”

Racist rhetoric offered at Binghamton University

Seeds of racial tensions planted in Binghamton University

August 26, 2016 Michael Vass 0

The action of Binghamton University to embrace openly racist thought under the guise of sensitivity training, at a time in the nation where hate speech has been heralded and the violence that it births has been justified, should invoke a public outcry and deep concern from the general student body.

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