Felicia Mitchell

Simulcast #8 Facebook Live with Felicia Mitchell in studio

June 30, 2018 Michael Vass 0

We added a guest to help us take the questions from the public in a live simulcast via Facebook Live. Our in-studio guest is Felicia Mitchell (returning for her 2nd appearance on the program). Together we discuss the pros and cons of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Communism, Maxine Waters, civility and potential civil war, and so much more.

TIME Magazine cover is false

Poll of Democrat college grads says Republicans don’t trust news media

June 27, 2018 Michael Vass 0

So what can be inferred from what the poll is meant to be telling the public? That a select portion of the nation, in particular Democrat White female college graduates, have the greatest belief that major news media is honest and accurate. This was before TIME magazine was proven to be using a false image on its cover.


Simulcast #7 – live on Facebook with the public and your questions on what matters to you

June 25, 2018 Michael Vass 0

Taking real questions from real people, via Facebook Live, and discussing what matters: in this simulcast we address child separation for illegal aliens at the border. We also go into the vile actions of the Red Hen restaurant and the call to incite the public made by Maxine Waters. Do you agree with the questions from real people we spoke to? Do you wish that politicians could hear your thoughts?

TIME Magazine cover is false

Child Separation at the border is not what you feel it is

June 22, 2018 Michael Vass 0

What are the actual laws involved with illegal aliens, their children, and the separation at the southern border? What are the actual efforts being done to address this? Why did major news media actively and knowingly lie to the public? All of this addressed in this episode of NO Soundbites Allowed.


Open Letter: NRA should eliminate ratings for politicians supporting Red Flag laws

June 18, 2018 Michael Vass 0

A clear detailed letter to Oliver North requesting the NRA immediately properly rate the NY State Assembly based on their votes for the 5 Red Flag Bills. Such updated ratings should also accompany the loss of any funding or support those that voted for the ERPO’s have received. Plus, the notification to the NY State Senate that a vote for ANY Extreme Risk Protection Order will result in the same corrective rating and loss of support. Because voters and NRA members deserve the truth.

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