Presidential election

Fran Lebowitz on Bill Maher's HBO show Real Time

Fran Lebowitz reveals deep issues with Bill Maher as De Blasio forgets recent history

Did Fran Lebowitz go too far? Was it when she suggested the death of the President, or when she blamed her threat on the ignorance of the audience? And what does De Blasio want us to forget?

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Early 2020 Dem hopefuls

How does Kavanaugh v. Ford predict the 2020 Presidential race? Our prediction

We see a pattern, a plan for the 2020 presidential race emerging from the Kavanaugh v. Ford controversy. No matter the 2018 mid-term election outcome. We cite the partisan platform. We predict who will be the front-runners and who is out as the presidential and vice-presidential nominees, and why. Are we correct? If correct, how will it affect your vote? Comments welcomed.

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