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President Obama’s international coalition floundering

If Middle East nations are only willing to provide lip service to the US-led coalition, and the most ardent allies of America are not willing to have troops put a foot on the ground, how is ISIS supposed to be thwarted?

Reaction to President Obama’s kitchen sink address – expanded political commentary

Definitely not a speech to make terrorists around the world any more concerned than they were even a day ago. But America has a big stick, and we may or may not actually use it. So ISIS better be scared.

As the wheel turns: US policy for the Middle East

With the advent of the current growing crisis in Iraq, the past several years of the Obama Administration’s international policy agenda has be put into question. Thus whatever the legacy will be of the Obama presidency, without swift action to enact a coherent international policy – especially in the Middle East – that legacy will surely rank akin to that of President Jimmy Carter.

Is President Obama planning to violate Take Care Clause?

There cannot be found in the Constitution, or any Amendment, an expressed or even implied power for the Executive Branch that allows a President to enact law because the President is at odds with the Congress or either of its Houses. Thus we conclude that the proposed action by the President would unbalance the separation of powers, a necessity as stated in the 1935 Supreme Court decision. It violates current immigration law in opposition to the 1995 OLC memo. It also exemplifies the very overreach of power that then-Senator Obama objected to in his speech in 2007.

Self inflicted wounds: illegal alien child crisis

There are no winners in this game of political oneupmanship on immigration reform that President Obama has used to skewer the nation upon. The only lasting answer, that prevents the unintended tragedy as well as the long-term damage to our economics and law, is to act with compassion and swiftness in returning these children to the nations they originated from while destroying the law-breaking invitation that is DACA.

Shock and awe: illegal aliens send kids in hopes of DREAM Act protections

America, via Democrats and President Obama, have invited illegal minors and thus their parents since 2008 and these illegal aliens are accepting the offer in droves. This “crisis” will not end, no matter how much money is thrown at it, until the invitation is rescinded and the rule of law (and not the partisan political whims of Executive Orders) is enforced.

Immigration as of the Summer of 2014

We believe that the only solution to the political hot potatoe that is immigration reform may be achieved through a Congress that has taken into account the economic difficulties and balanced them with the social preferences of the time – without trying to enhance any political benefit that may result. Given the last part of the solution, we believe that it is far more likely that President Obama will again overreach his power, Congress will continue to maneuver for political advantage, the trend in gains for immigrants will continue to outpace even as the participation rate continues its decline, and new illegal aliens will be driven to our nation as a consequence of all the above.

Nigerians arm themselves with assault weapons after hashtags fail to protect

Would those same Liberals defend the rights of women in Nigeria to defend themselves from aggressors, yet deny that same right to men and women in America?

Joy for Sgt. Bergdahl and his family, but troubling questions remain

Sadly, the news of Sgt. Bergdahl’s release is not without other issues, of severe concern for the nation. Several affect our nation in ways that will last potentially for decades. While we are always overjoyed to see any POW returned to their family and loved ones, we also must keep a keen eye to the fact that there is more that has happened, and is happening.

Benghazi then and now – no answers, no accountability – 12/10/13

Repost from December 10, 2013 There are issues that face our nation that demand answers. Issues that affect our nation in its ability to conduct effective diplomatic actions, as well as reflect our nations willingness to defend our people and priorities. One such issue has been, and continues to be, the Benghazi attack on our […]

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