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Iran’s nuclear ambition and the deal to let it happen – 11/24/13

Nuclear weapons are a Pandora’s Box, once opened it cannot be closed. Deals that require no burden of proof or assurance of compliance from Iran are not deals, but false hope based on nothing but the naive expectations of the parties that involved.

What’s the worst position to have on Syria? – repost 9/5/13

Leadership is not about winning every battle or being right in every debate, its about decisiveness in the face of ambiguity. It is the obligation of an elected politician to present, in their view, the best options available on any issue – and provide proof and arguments to back up that belief – for the benefit of constituents.

The Syria questions – repost 8/31/13

Without a justification greater than – to put it crudely – ‘I am the president and I think it’s bad’, there seems to be no reason to engage Syria. What is most shocking at this time is that 285 members of Congress (including my own representative, Rep. Hanna) have not joined Rep. Rigell in demanding justification and congressional approval prior to action.

The nagging thought about US drone strikes against US citizens

The concept of the Executive Branch considering, and the Justice Department approving, the killing of US citizens is a chilling thought. Yes an American citizen could be killed without knowledge of a crime or aid to al-Qa’ida under circumstances vaguely defined in a Justice Department memo. But what else has the Justice Department cleared? How much power over citizens does the Executive Branch have now?

Will North Korea propaganda video promt offer to talk from Obama Administration?

While the concept of a North Korean space anything is laughable, the joke is short-lived considering the efforts of that nation to develop an inter-continental missile. No matter the actual intentions of the video, it speaks to the international policy of the Obama Administration – “we have the obligation to find areas where we can potentially move forward.” Considering that Iran continues to develop nuclear arms, North Korea consistently launches rockets and holds nuclear weapon tests, and now the popoganda video depicting America in flames – the validity and utility of the same course of action seems ripe to be questioned.

Fiscal responsibility of Congress

To avoid this is to substitute the ‘fiscal cliff’ with a leap off Mt Everest for our grandchildren in the best case scenario; more likely our children or ourselves just a few years down the road.

Benghazi: incompetence is apparent

Worse than this incompetence, there is apparently an on-going cover-up. Someone denied request for security before the attack, someone denied support during the attack, someone knew there was no video or protest, someone knew this was a terrorist action. Whomever “someone” is, they apparently run the government in regard to foreign policy, and they are doing so in the worst manner possible. Incompetence just fails to capture the abject disgust of the situation.

Why does Secretary Hillary Clinton have a job?

But the Obama Administration, Secretary Clinton, and numerous Liberal and Democrat pundits feel that Secretary Clinton shouldn’t be held to the same standard of accountability as Michael Vick? For the loss of life that she is publicly demanding to take responsibility for?

Libya: Foreign policy success or fiasco

In summary, the hearing provided an insight into the current foreign policy of the United States, at least in regard to this one part of the ‘Arab Spring’. There is no functional or systemic plan apparently in place, with little concern to hear and abide by requests of the personnel on the ground. Further, the White House is apparently willing to misdirect the attention of the public to the causation of this attack, potentially for political reasons, while obscuring its own inadequacy in providing proper plans and defenses.

US children as illegal aliens in Mexico

It brings to mind a serious question: Do these groups believe that a Mexican illegal alien child is more worthy of help and health care than a US illegal alien child? How can the US be draconian in its immigration laws, as compared to the world, yet the main source of US illegal aliens, Mexico, is ignored as it provides even less to US child citizens?

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