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Threat from Syrian refugees may quietly come from Canada

“Canada is the most worrisome terrorist point of entry…” – FBI, 11/12/2007. What has changed besides 25,000 Syrian refugees?

The national security threat not being discussed

Ultimately the question many could be asking this holiday is if our inaction and absentee leadership is worth the partisan dream of a slightly less carbon-filled world

Why Syrian refugees over Darfur genocide survivors?

That the crisis of one set of people must be equated with another is shameful. But the politics of the situation demands an answer. Why are Syrian regugees more worthy than those of Darfur, or anywhere else in the world? What political benefit is at the root of this sudden and dramatic change in US policy?

Who supports the Iran nuclear deal?

Ultimately, the Obama Administration has turned the Iran nuclear deal into an internal battle over partisan support, instead of a national safety issue.

Following a familiar pattern, Syrian Kurds could be the next Middle East threat

The warning signs seem to be in front of the nation now. But will the Obama Administration notice, or just scoff at the next “JV” team in the Middle East?

Iran gets the deal they wanted, and everyone else is in turmoil

“I go into this skeptical, I have been skeptical, and I am not going to make a final decision until that skepticism is fully relieved.” – Rep. Steve Israel

The 5 steps to combat ISIS

It is a plan without a clear end-point, either in time or proof of success. Perhaps most importantly, to-date it (debatably) has not been an effective plan. But it now is (once again) America’s plan under the Obama Administration.

Iran nuclear deal potentially will do more harm than good

What does all this mean? One interpretation can be that the Obama Administrations international policy, especially in regard to the Middle East and specifically Iran, is convoluted and focused on the impression of success rather than the reality.

Sustainable Development: The Other Side of the Discussion with Tom DeWeese

The concern that Mr. DeWeese and others across the nation have is the lack of definition on what Sustainable Development is. “”Sustainable development, therefore, is a program of action for local and global economic reform—a program that has yet to be fully defined.” – The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide

Commentary: Trans-Pacific Partnership in shadows as some in Congress waffle

“Now that the same broken promises are being trotted out for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, New York’s workers have every reason to reject an expansion of the trade status quo.”

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