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The Obama Administration and Iran

The statement says several things at once. That Israel does not feel secure in its relationship with America, as they have never feared any blame that any nation would place on America or Israel before. The statement highlights that Israel feels that America is fearful or timid when it comes to Iran. The statement also makes clear that the Obama Administration is the key to their decision.

American traitor potential Nobel Peace Prize nominee

If the Nobel Peace Prize has become an award for political activism, approved of by those with a specific political agenda, how can it not be diminished? If a traitor to a nation can be given this high honor, or even nominated for it, how can it not promote others to act in a manner that elevates discord and international disunion?

Keystone Pipeline – how much time is needed?

President Obama announced that he will block the Keystone Oil Pipeline project. The main reason, was stated to be a lack of time to research the deal. But how long does it take to make a decision?It would appear that nearly 7 years is not enough time. In 2005 the initial concept that would become [...]

Russia, missiles, and the leadership of President Obama

There has never been a real end to the back and forth battle over how many nuclear weapons, and what kind of defense from these missiles, are needed to protect Russia and the United States. Leaders in both nations constantly offer and counter-offer reductions, strategic placements, and alternative conventional weapon systems in a constant poker [...]

Libya – Gadahfi out? Well then thank President… Sarkozy

Moammar Gadahfi is hardly anyone that will be missed in the UN or the world. He was a vicious dictator who ruled Libya with a bloddy iron hand. He was a friend to terrorists, and a constant threat to America. The world would surely have been better off if the 1986 bombing had killed him [...]

America, Peter wants his money back

If you are unfamiliar with the famous reference suggested in the title, it goes: “Stealing from Peter to pay Paul.“ It’s the way that many people, and the US Government, pay their bills. Taking money from one bill and using it for another. On a personal level that means maxing credit cards to pay another [...]

Are ethanol subsiudies worth keeping?

In the long ago days of January 2008, we did a report on the pros and cons of ethanol. It was a balanced view, highlighting the major factors that were affecting ethanol use at the time. 3 years later, as the Senate has voted to end the subsidy on ethanol in a vote of 73 [...]

Score one for President Obama

In news that may well ensure the re-election of President Obama, one of the most critical 200x campaign promises has been kept. Osama Bin Laden is being widely reported as dead. Outside of Islamabad in Pakistan, Usama Bin Laden was shot under circumstances that remain unclear at this time. President Obama is expected to speak [...]

President Obama’s Libya speech – a commentary by Michael Vass

There are a couple of thoughts that were presented by President Obama tonight on his discussion about Libya that just required a response. I want to address thouse thoughts now. [Quotes are taken from PBS transcription] “But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. That’s what’s happened in [...]

VP Biden echoes Sen. McCain

It’s quite funny the difference that a little time and the support of the major media makes when you are in politics. A great example of this is with VP Biden today. For those that don’t recall the 2008 Presidential election, we will recap. Then we will note what VP Biden said. Not only with [...]

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