World politics

Potential civil war?

Q & A simulcast #8 via Facebook Live: Talking with public about cause and consequences of possible second civil war in America

A second civil war in America. Is such a thing possible? Can it be prevented? What happens if it occurs? Lend your thoughts to this issue that affects everyone.

Simulcast #7 – live on Facebook with the public and your questions on what matters to you

Taking real questions from real people, via Facebook Live, and discussing what matters: in this simulcast we address child separation for illegal aliens at the border. We also go into the vile actions of the Red Hen restaurant and the call to incite the public made by Maxine Waters. Do you agree with the questions from real people we spoke to? Do you wish that politicians could hear your thoughts?

TIME Magazine cover is false

Child Separation at the border is not what you feel it is

What are the actual laws involved with illegal aliens, their children, and the separation at the southern border? What are the actual efforts being done to address this? Why did major news media actively and knowingly lie to the public? All of this addressed in this episode of NO Soundbites Allowed.

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un meet

Why are Democrat leadership and pundits looking for America to fail?

Even as, or in spite of, President Trump speaks with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, some Democrats call for recessions to punish millions of Americans and the failure of American policies. Why would any political party want America to fail, what could we worth that?

The life and death of Alfie Evans is a lesson

Alfie Evans: A window into a possible future for America

A bit of a rant over the horrific act of a government killing a baby. This chilling act of disregard for the life of a citizen, because of a UK government-run healthcare system that America has used as the model for Obamacare, cannot go without denouncement. If this lesson is not learned, if news and media brush this off as the normal politicing, then very soon it will be an American parent facing off against Government bean counters that have already written off their child. Listen and share.

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