Simulcast 22: Government invades your privacy for your safety – Consequences to EVERYONE

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You versus the power of a Government mad with power - artistically
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Voted Democrat? Or Libertarian? Didn’t vote at all? Doesn’t matter. Don’t own a firearm, or even if you hate them, you still can be punished by the law. Just because of your social media.

The ramifications start with invading your privacy, then it’s worse than you imagine. You, and your mom could be charged with child pornography. You could be charged with underage drinking. You could be labeled a Nazi. Just a few things that could happen that we discuss in the Facebook Live simulcast.

But the Government would never abuse its power like that, you say. Corruption like that could never happen, not in New York State, you say. No conspiracy, just facts and logical consequences major media and politicians don’t want you to think about. Feel free to comment.


Video: (unedited as broadcast live)

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