A conversation with 2018 candidate for New York Lt. Governor Andrew Hollister

Andrew Hollister of the Libertarian Party, candidate for Lt. Governor, at Candidate Forum in Vestal NY
Andrew Hollister of the Libertarian Party, candidate for Lt. Governor, at Candidate Forum in Vestal NY - credit: Michael Vasquez
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In the battle for the 2018 gubernatorial race of New York State, a lot of names have been circulating among the pundits and political ads. While some of the most famous names have already lost in their effort, the Libertarian Party has gathered steam as the candidate for Governor – Larry Sharpe – has crisscrossed the State. But Sharpe is not alone in his efforts to raise awareness of the third party in this race. His runningmate, Andrew Hollister, has has been equally active, and recently attended a Candidate Forum in Vestal, NY.

While most of the media attention has been focused on the candidates at the top of the ticket, the Lt. Governor is no less important to the residents of the State of New York. The Lt. Governor plays a critical role in pushing the agenda of the Governor with the State Assembly, State Senate, and public. To ensure the public is well informed and able to make the best choice for themselves in November the role of this elected office is important to consider as well.

We were able to have an exclusive interview with Andrew Hollister on his background, motivations, and goals if elected. The discussion covered critical issues for New York, including: Business friendliness; Education; enacting change in the NY State Assembly; Medicare for All; pensions; and other topics critical to New York State.

We have previously interviewed Larry Sharpe in March of 2018. Also, we want to note that M V Consulting Inc. president Michael Vass has known Andrew Hollister for several years, prior to his run for elected office.

We are including the full statements and answers from direct public questions, of Hollister at the 2018 AFRTC Candidate Forum in Vestal, NY.

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