George Bezama announces run for Broome County 4th Legislative seat

Candidate: 4th Legislative District George Bezama
Credit: Michael Vass

August 22, 2018 – Midday at the Vestal Public Library, George Bezama announced his campaign launch in a bid to become the next County Legislator representing the 4th District in Broome County. The announcement follows the petitions gathered in July, ensuring Mr. Bezama will appear on the November ballot as the Republican candidate.

Mr. Bezama, a first-time candidate for elected office, followed the announcement with a short speech about the issues he plans to address if elected. He stated, in part,

“Owning private property is one of the pillars of the American dream. If this is made unaffordable to families across the State, then the American dream is made ever more unattainable. What reason do people have to continue to work and fightevery day if not for the chance to succeed in achieving their dreams. It is our duty, as the elected governemtn, to ensure the condistions are such so that people may achieve their dreams, and that this be the norm rather than the exception.”

Mr. Bezama outlined the priorities he would focus on, if elected, as: preventing an increase in property taxes; fixing infrastructure – especially roads, rain runoff systems, and sewers; funding and renovation of the Vestal Public Library; support of Sheriff Department in efforts to fight crime; and a commitment to term limits. In regard to term limits, Mr. Bezama declared that he will not seek more than 2 terms of service.
Left to Right: Candidate Bob Seidel; Candidate George Bezamal; Karl Bernhardesn
It should be noted that the comments of Mr. Bezama about his support of the Sheriff Department, allowed for a swipe at candidate Matt Ryan. It was Ryan who suggested in several interviews on WNBF that he is seeking the elected office of Sheriff in order to be a “social justice advocate”. Mr. Bezama addressed this concept directly in his speech stating,

“The Sheriff’s Department exists to uphold the existing law, not to serve as a moral crusade.”

Mr. Bezama faces the Democrat incumbent, Dan D. Reynolds (not to be confused with Republican Dan J. Reynolds, who is the Chairman of the County Legislature). Legislator Dan D. Reynolds has been held office since 2002.

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