Facebook Commentary: Dan Livingston on WNBF denies answers to public in election bid

Michael "Vass" Vasquez in Tioga County
Michael "Vass" Vasquez in Tioga County

The following can be found as written on 7/31/18 on Facebook at Vass Political Commentary. This addresses the Binghamton City Council 2nd District Race. We invite candidate Dan Livingston to respond and address these concerns, via interview, email, or tweet. Any response received will be provided to the public verbatim.

Dan Livingston

Dan Livingston appeared on WNBF on 7/31/18 to justify his run for City Council. The following tweets were posted at my Twitter account (@MVConsult) during the live interview. The questions and issues were never addressed nor discussed…

@BinghamtonNow Livingston is mentioning issues affecting city and State, under Cuomo not Republicans, but offers no suggestion of solution. Why?

@BinghamtonNow what is the limit of money that Livingston thinks should be placed on blight buildings? Is he suggesting demolition and empty lots or leaving blight as alternative? Does he know the cost of new building at code in NYS today?

@BinghamtonNow Livingston is talking about accountability but does not want to be accountable for breaking law, that he admitted?

I first raised these questions in my podcast on April 22, 2018What you should know about Dan Livingston, House Majority PAC, and Balanced Budget Amendment (H.J. Res 2)

The admission was reported by Spectrum News on Nov. 7, 2017 – Broome Democratic clerk candidate admits responsibility for anti-Preston postcard

Actual statue of law violated, by the admission of Dan Livingston –

…the following is hereby adopted by the New York State Board of Elections pursuant to section 3-106 of the Election Law as the fair campaign code for the State of New York. No person, political party or committee during the course of any campaign for nomination or election to public office or party position shall, directly or indirectly, whether by means of payment of money or any other consideration, or by means of campaign literature, media advertisements or broadcasts, public speeches, press releases, writings or otherwise, engage in or commit any of the following:

(b) Political practices involving subversion or undermining of political parties or the electoral process including, but not limited to, the preparation or distribution of any fraudulent, forged or falsely identified writing or the use of any employees or agents who falsely represent themselves as supporters of a candidate, political party or committee.

(d) Any acts intended to hinder or prevent any eligible person from registering to vote, enrolling to vote or voting.

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