Facebook Commentary: June 27, 2018 – Questions without answers on open borders create concerns

Open borders lead to security threats
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The following is verbatim personal commentary found on Twitter on June 26, 2018 and Facebook at Vass Political Commentary on June 27, 2018. This commentary addressed the less reviewed Supreme Court decision, prior to the revelation that Justice Kennedy would be retiring from the Court. It also comments on Open borders, as well as the failure of candidates to clearly and directly inform the public about platform positions. Additional links to sources have been added to the original commentary and tweet.

“@_talkfm @BinghamtonNow as Dems claim SCOTUS ruling makes America less safe consider this – open border policy they promote would allow any terrorist to walk into nation and make it like France with 19,745 persons suspected as terrorist radicals. Which policy lets you sleep safe?” – Twitter – @MVConsult

Given is the fact that the Supreme Court approved the Travel Ban – which increases safety of Americans by limiting immigration from dangerous and questionable countries.

Given is the fact that Dem leadership – Rep. Pelosi, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Schumer – and now novice candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are calling for open borders, which by definition endangers Americans by allowing the potential for terrorists to enter the nation unhindered.

But what about candidates that are silent? Candidates that won’t tell voters where they stand, avoiding the very clarity that the Socialist Cortez won a primary with? Candidates like Anthony Brindisi who has tweeted his support of illegal aliens over citizens when Sen. Schumer shutdown the nation for them but won’t actually give a yes or no answer on the demand of Dems to open our borders.

Is the silence because Anthony Brindisi is not as honest and bold as a novice candidate? Is it because there hasn’t been a national or State poll to tell him which side of the issue to take? Is it because the Dem Party has yet to issue marching orders as it is reeling from the public awareness of the extreme nature of the Party goals now on display by Maxine Waters, Alexandria Cortez, Occupy Wall Street, and Antifa?
There is no way to be sure. Anthony Brindisi won’t answer these questions – and many others – on his social media (rather he blocks people that ask such questions). He will not respond to phone calls. He won’t respond to emails. He won’t even provide an answer to a question, first asked a year ago and repeated 4x since, in person.

Candidates are obligated to answer to voters. It’s an indication of how they might serve the public if elected. But it seems that Anthony Brindisi believes he is above questions – as he states in his emails revealed because of the Utica Scandal via FOIA. That says a lot about him, and where the Dem Party seems to want to take the country if they get elected in 2018.

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