What has been happening? Where have you been? First Quarter 2017

This year has been a bit slow for us at M V Consulting, at least in the articles we have published directly at this political commentary blog. We have been busy on several Boards addressing local issues, seeking to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Binghamton, Broome County, and the Southern Tier of New York. That is not to say that we haven’t been following news or making comment. We just have used more social media (Facebook and Twitter as examples) than articles here, but time to catch up some of the issues we have been following. Here are some of the thoughts and comments you may have missed us making:

January 2017:

January 5, 2017, Facebook post – On “Free” tuition for college in NY State

As I commented on a post about the “free” tuition gimmicks from the 2020 presumptive presidential candidate Cuomo:

Wait, how does a state that is billions in debt, with massive corruption and billions in fraud, have billions for “free” anything as you claim? Billions, either way, that only come from the increased taxes and poorly thought out programs that have driven more than 800,000 residents – with their tax revenues and business – out of the state, increasing the burden on those that remain?

January 5, 2017, Facebook post – Discussing Estaban Santiago rumors

One of the worst things about these kinds of events is the misinformation that spreads. Had to reply to a tweet that claims shooter was Islamic anime fan. Seriously, is that even a concern? Does someone have a vendetta against Anime?

Bigger point, seeing lots of people saying this whack job did it because of Trump. As if it is a justification if true. A personal belief about ANYTHING will NEVER justify murder of innocents. It’s the same as blaming anime.

There should never be glorification (including naming these sick b*****ds in news updates) nor justification given to their acts.

Includes link to Tweet

“anime fan? Seriously, what has that got to do with anything? Is this the new rock music made me do it?”

January 17, 2017, Facebook post – Discussing Presidential pardons

As for the Manning pardon, its such blatant partisanship and posturing. Manning, who endangered the nation with his act of espionage and treason, is a hero that deserved pardon because he revealed the secrets of the nation under a Republican Admin. But Assange, who revealed the secrets of the nation and endangered the nation via his crimes under a Democrat Admin does not get the same treatment. Not that I think either should be pardoned, they both deserve to be in prison for their full terms, but where is the consistency? I suppose that went out with the bath water and the limitations on the use of Executive Orders.

Let me put this PFC Manning issue into full context. As I said in 2012
“If the actions of PFC Manning have caused the war in Iraq and/or Afghanistan to last 1 day longer, if they caused even 1 person to be injured, tortured, or killed, how is that in the best interest of international peace? If America cannot engage in negotiations and diplomacy to the same degree with even 1 nation because of PFC Manning, how does that encourage peace?”
This is the person whom President Obama supports. This is what the “victory” for Dems looks like.

February 2017:

February 3, 2017, Facebook post – Iran sanctions and missile testing

Considering the 20+ missile tests and increased plutonium development by nations sworn to hostility against the US in the final Obama year, does anyone credibly question why the Trump Admin is denouncing North Korea, seeking sanctions and a way out of the Iran Nuke Deal, and supporting our ally South Korea in a manner not really seen over the past 8 yrs?

February 9, 2017, Facebook post – Addressing news media bias on local news of Feb 8th

I would suggest that the Press & Sun, and Hannah Schwartz in particular, check out the coverage of the event by Fox 40 news to learn the difference between news coverage and news commentary
Coverage means you present all sides in the issue that are relevant and especially present at an event.

Commentary is presenting a singular side and viewpoint.

Has the news media fallen that low, that they cannot understand this basic concept? Or is the political bias on display at the Press & Sun that much more important to them that serving the public is thrown to the wayside?

February 21, 2017, Facebook post – Addressing media coverage on Sanctuary cities crackdown

When you read this, the clear message is “how dare you punish those that violate federal immigration law”. Yes, there are penalties that will affect these cities and regions, just as selective adherence to law has done. But you don’t hear stories about that because many in the media support selective adherence, as long as only the “right” people do it for the “right” reasons. Punishment for breaking laws is supposed to be harsh, restrictive, and painful enough so you abide by the law. True for people, cities, and politicians – but the Left just forgot that.

February 27, 2017, Facebook post – Live coverage of State of the City Address for City of Binghamton

Mayor David 2017 State of City Address

Opening remarks cover increase of police, reduction of blight, improved roads and cages over past 3 years. Vision for future based on work ethic of local Government to get job done…
3100 served 28,000 pounds of food via CHOW in Binghamton north side since last year. New shuttle service to take Northside residents to Weiss supermarket to start in 45 days…
Mayor David targets 27 blight and zombie properties to demolish in 2017 as part of $3.8 million project. Also included is target to 100 demolishing by David Administration. Binghamton to work with Habitat for Humanity to build new homes in former blight zones starting in 2017…
Mayor David doubles down on support of law and fire departments, including expanding diversity of minorities and women. Property crime down 14% during David Administration, and Mayor thanks police for their hard work…
Operation Safe City to be set in 2017, to read license plates to identify criminals and stolen cars immediately as they enter the City. Similar to technology employed in Manhattan. Similar program approved by Dems in Freeport NY and across State. Mayor vows “Criminals not welcome here”…
42 miles of city roads, 1/3 of City, paved over past 3 years. 15 mules of residential roads planned for 2017. $2.7 million to enhance safety on major roads. $6 million Greenway project to connect downtown Binghamton and BU to start this year…
Ending pilot agreements to no longer subsidize building student housing. Future tax deals to be decided by City Council. Over $38 million to be spent on creating market rate housing for residents. Housing for homeless vets is city and national priority per Mayor David…
BU to put $200,000 towards improving safety in West side of Binghamton. First time ever contributions to IMPACT funding by BU in 2017…
Rockbottom Dam Hydropower green initiative announced to be started…
Residential and commercials to be reduced promised by Mayor David – [Video – https://www.facebook.com/ElectMichaelVasquezNY/videos/596494017217530/]

March 2017:

March 7, 2017, Facebook post – Obamacare impact on taxes

So as the masses do taxes and look forward to refunds, I consider the impact of Obamacare. As tens of millions have learned, the Government can and does punish the public for something they did not want, could not afford, and did not use. It’s like a vegetarian being forced to pay for meat. Or healthy and skinny people paying for diets and liposuction.
But the real question that should be asked is, where is the limit? If the Government can punish the public for making a personal and private choice, what can’t the Government do? That is now the only true legacy of Obamacare, and the day that any generation of Americans stop asking this, the answer will become a concrete fact.

March 14, 2017, Facebook post – CBO report on Healthcare

Since most only read headlines – Key points of the CBO review of repeal of Obamacare
Reduce deficit by more than $300 billion in 2017
Reduce deficit by more than $1.2 trillion long-term
Reduce cost of healthcare by 10% vs Obamacare long-term
** Most important (to me) – The Government would no longer be able to dictate, and penalize, what private individuals must or can do with their lives.

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