Transcript: The Second Amendment in Norwich NY by Michael Vasquez

The following is the transcript of the prepared remarks for the speech by Michael Vasquez, president of M V Consulting Inc, on July 23, 2016 in Norwich, New York at the 2nd Annual Bring Back America Festival sponsored by Southern Tier SCOPE. Following the transcript will be video of the actual speech which has minor live adjustments. We present this to the public for full transparency.

The speech was written by Michael Vasquez, who has been a political commentator for 9 1/2 years. This is exclusive coverage, and no other news media has presented the following to the public.

County Executive Rob Astorino, Michael Vasquez, Sen. Fred Akshar
When I was first honored with an invitation to speak before this great audience, with a list of fellow speakers of such magnitude, I was a bit embarrassed if I may be direct. I was not sure I was worthy of such an honor, but I will strive to live up to the ability and communication of my fellow speakers. Such great =, honorable, and powerful individuals in the fight to defend our Second Amendment as it defends all of our RIights in this nation, truly I am grateful to be on this stage.

That said, I am not at a loss of things to say either.

For those of you who have followed my political commentary, my podcasts, my speeches at events like this, large and small, you know I believe 2 things very strongly. That a lkey to the greatness of our nation is the fact that we have the 1st Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment.

The First because it protects our freedom to speak about things that some may not like – without hate speech or inciting violence like Black Lives Matter and others of their ilk. This, our open, free, and direct celebration of thought and the Constitution embraces the core of our nation and Rights. Such as the debate on whether conceal carry could protect innocent lives in our schools and social events. Protection from events live San Bernadino and Orlando.

It’s an old conversation our nation needs to have again, camly and without the distraction of emotion that our opponents thrive on. A conversation this is honest – unlike say Hillary Clinton who preys on the emotions of the nation to promote her political agenda as she did in Philadelphia when she tried to claim that there is a problem with America and not Mentally deranged violent domestic terrorists.

But such discussion, on this and issues like FBI investigations without consequence to political elites; Executive overreach; our national debt; creating jobs without Government intervention – jobs that will actually last and be a boon to our communities and nation – all these discussions can only happen with the power of the Second Amendment behind it. Because it is only as our Founding Fathers envisioned, that the Government should fear and respect the power of the people because the populace can and does arm itself, that enables the peaceful governance of America that has continued for 240 years.

It is for this reason that the 9th Circuit Court also sided with us, stating that our ability to buy and sell firearms shall not be infringed, as it is the backdoor to taking and limiting our access to the firearms
that hold our Government at bay. Mind you, I love our Government.

Michael Vasquez
Yes it is flawed (as the FBI and Department of Justice showed us in recent weeks), and yes I do not always agree (and I mean you Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Obama). But only in America can our nation transition peacefully from President to President, and each of us not only has the power to become a part of our Government, we can directly help to change the course of that Government.

That need to shape our Government, to set the nation on the right path, may never be more present than it is today. Career politicians (like Gov. Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others) prey on emotional moments of the nation, injecting false images of safety at the highest cost of personal freedom – merely because they don’t like the cosmetic look or idea of firearms. Which smacks of arrogance when we consider these same people are surrounded by armed guards. A level of protection that they feel is only warranted for the select few elites they approve of, if Rep. Charlie Rangel is to be understood.

It’s because of these people, what i like to call modern day political nobles or career politicians, that we must be vigilant. Laws like the SAFE Act, and overreach like the Executive Orders of 2013 by President Obama, seek to turn the public into serfs – with Obamacare and Common Core thrown in to make sure the job is done. It is these disconnected career politicians, their restrictive laws, and the attempt to dumb-down the populace that endangers the very fabric of our nation.

Probably not today or tomorrow. Not while generations still remember the freedoms we have and the meaning of our Constituion. But in 5 years? 10? Or 20? Their plan is to win over time, counting on the nation to forget and become complacent.

That is why events like this one today is so important. It’s why organizations like SCOPE and Gun Owners of America, Conservatives and TEA Party, Republicans and even non-progressive members of the Democratic Party need to gather and speak out with a loud clear voice. We are free because we are not afraid to speak even as the PC mongers seek to silence us. We are free because we restrain the Government from corruption that would otherwise overrun it. We are free because we are Americans and embrace all that entails!

Right now there are over 300 million firearms in America. In New York alone there are 5 million law abiding gun owners. IF firearms were as evil as our political opponents believed, there would be no people in the nation. IF law abiding gun owners were as reckless and dangerous as the Liberal Left claim, New York State would be like Detroit or Chicago.

But we know the truth. Our neighbors and communities know the truth. Even Progressives like Clinton and DeBlasio and Cuomo know the truth. That truth is law abiding gun owning Americans are some of the most respectful, cautious, and life affirming people in the world!

Yet, these Progressives would have the world believe that the leading city for deaths by firearms, Chicago, is to be emulated no rejected. That the full range of restrictive laws in California they hope to make a national reality will allow the public to be covered in a blanket of bliss rather than blood. That an inanimate object, a firearm or a truck, hold a devious will as opposed to the mentally deranged or criminal in intent like we saw in Dallas and Baton Rouge or overseas once again in France and now Germany.

When you say it out loaud it sounds silly doesn’t it? When you think about it rationally, it sounds incoherent. The rally call of the Progressive seem more akin to mad ravings than sound domestic policy. And I can prove it.

What happens when a deranged criminal breaks into your home to cause you and your family harm? You and I defend our families. What does a SAFE Act loving Progressive do in the same situation? Do they open their arms and try to give the criminal a hug? Do they try to open a dialog to investigate the childhood terrors of the crinimal? NO, they do what you and I would – just like North Carolina Democrat State Senator Soles who shot the intruders in his home.

Even so, we cannot wait for each Progressive Liberal leader and politician to come to a desparate situation before they realize the error of their ways. Nor should we ever feel like we have to, because the grief the day after San Bernadino, after Orlando, after Nice France is too late. Our Founding Fathers took great care when they wrote the 2nd Amendment, making sure that the needs of the people would be foremost and all-encompassing. Thus this brings me to the point of my speech. For the Liberals and Progressives that actually are listening to this, if you heard nothing else, pay attention now.

Michael Vasquez, Assemblyman Bill Nojay, SCOPE president Tom Reynolds
Government, especially the American government, is best when it does the least. No government can micromanage the lives of the citizens. Communism and Socialism have tried for 75 years and failed in every part of the planet they can be found. Creating more and more redundant laws isolating more and more law abiding citizens neither makes the public free nor safe.

America does not have a problem with a lack of laws. We already have a law to cover killing innocents – it’s called murder. We already have laws in place to address prejudice and hate – aptly called hate crimes. Banning an AR-15 will not stop murder. Limiting magazine sizes will not end hate crimes.

Gun bans and restriction of freedoms, like proposals to place millions on secret lists without due cause – a rule that begs violation of our 4th Amendment to guarantee compliance – do nothing to save lives or promote freedom. They just micromanage lives and grow the government into a police state like China and nations that millions flee in favor of America every year.

Gun owners in America are compassionate people. We love our families, neighbors, and communities fiercely. We live by the laws of our nation; when those laws are just and enacted with due process.Bit NO American should ever be subject to the heavy hand of Government. That’s why the NY SAFE Act has less than 1% compliance. That’s why responsible Americans oppose secret lists denying Rights and freedoms without prior notice and no means of correction and/or removal.

But in America we don’t need a revolution to protect our Rights. At least not the kind of revolution that sheds blood or takes lives. We have a more powerful tool. We can vote.

I mentioned the 5 million gun owners in New York just a moment ago. That one voting bloc, filled with Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and yes even Democrats, are more than enough to change the course of this State, as an example. It would take just one election cycle, voting out career politicians and would-be nobles and replacing them. Just one election cycle to replace members of Congress, the NY Assembly, the Governor, and local elected officials. That one act would not only re-secure our path back to the Rights of the original 13 States, but it would send a message rippling across the nation.

As a nation of gun owners, our vote can secure the Second Amendment too. Our next President and those we send to Congress, will pick at least 1 if not 3 Supreme Court Justices. As I mentioned, there are several cases that will define the 2nd Amendment for the next generation or more. Who we collectively pick will either continue the legacy of freedom that has been paid for with the blood and lives of far too many members of our military, OR we can choose Hillary Clinton and the Progressives that will continue to whittle away our freedoms until the nation is just one big Chicago or Baltimore.

SCOPEnorwich 043
I am often asked, ‘what is more powerful than a gun?’ The answer should not surprise anyone. It’s an American citizen armed with the Constitution and cloaked in the power of our vote. That alone is enough power to promote freedom, and uplift tens of millions across the globe. If we use it.

So I am here today, with so many powerful speakers on this stage, with the support and good will of everyone in the audience, with everyone watching or hearing this over the internet, to make a call to arms. I say to each of you, RISE UP! Use that power of the vote. Together we can guarantee the freedom of speech, and protect our future generations from a short-sighted micromanaging Government!

Finally I will say what may be the most powerful and motivating sentence ever said in the world.

“WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, dod ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

I thank you for joining me in celebrating our nation and our Constitution, and allowing me to speak with you today. My name is Michael Vasquez. May God bless America.

This is the complete, unedited video of the actual speech as given on July 23, 2016 at the Southern Tier SCOPE sponsored event.

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