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In our effort to continually highlight the issues affecting the public, through social media formats, M V Consulting Inc has now launched its political podcast channel – NO $oundbites Allowed. This is an informal talk-oriented format to discuss with the public how various political issues, elected officials, events, legislation (proposed or in effect), and more affect the public – and what the public can do about it.

NO Soundbites Allowed is a new expansion for M V Consulting. An evolving program, that will grow with our listeners. Your feedback will help us to target the issues, politicians, events, law, and whatever else you feel is important. Our goal in every format, but especially this program, is to give more than the now traditional 30 second soundbite practice of the major news media in discussing what matters to you. We firmly believe, and the mission statement for the program is,

Michael Vasquez

“There is no subject, that affects our lives, that can be intelligently discussed in 30 seconds. Thus we seek to skip the bullet-points and delve into what is really important and relevant.” – Michael “Vass” Vasquez – M V Consulting, Inc.

The current content is split among 3 major categories: Current politics; Special events and breaking news; and conversion to audio only e-reading of popular articles previously published by M V Consulting (via Binghamton Political Buzz and over the past 9 years. Topics of interest include NY elections (from Federal to local); 1st & 2nd Amendment; candidate interviews (challengers and incumbents alike); legislation (proposed and in force); political events (speeches, rallies, press announcements, ect.); international policy; local concerns; and more.

No Soundbites Allowed is a FREE podcast, subscription optional (but encouraged), that is supported by the Likes, Shares, and donations of listeners (optional but welcomed). Each episode is approximately 45 minutes long (depending on the subject covered), split into 3 segments (with 2 commercial breaks of 2 1/2 minutes each). New episodes are published each Tuesday – with special episodes on Fridays as needed.

We invite you to visit the channel and listen as we grow and expand. Respectful comments and critique are welcomed and encouraged. Email for commercial sponsorship consideration, addition comment submission, and critique can be sent to – please include the subject line: No Soundbites Allowed.

Sincerely and with many thanks for all your support,

Michael “Vass” Vasquez
President – M V Consulting, Inc.

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