Discussing Steve Wells, NY corruption, and pay to play tactics in NY politics

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On February 12, 2016, political commentator Michael “Vass” Vasquez called in to WUTQ 100.7 FM, to speak on the morning Talk of the Town program. The subject was Steve Wells (a Republican), the latest entrant in the New York 22nd Congressional race; Mr. Wells curious donations to Democrats including Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2015; NY State corruption; and the concept of pay-to-play (donating to politicians in order to get beneficial terms for a business/industry – ie. Donald Trump).

This call also references the article about the race published on February 11, 2016 at the Binghamton Political Buzz Examiner.com.

Mr. Vasquez has been an active political commentator for 8 years, and previously ran for Congress in 2013-2014. Mr. Vasquez is a regular guest on several talk and news programs in the Southern Tier and Mohawk Valley including WUTQ and WNBF News Radio. Mr. Vasquez also regularly gives speeches, on a range of topics (stock market, domestic and international politics, voter apathy, election coverage, illegal immigration, ect.) at various political events and to a number of local organizations including: SCOPE NY, Southern Tier SCOPE, Americans for the Restoration of the Constitution, Southern Tier Tea Party, as well as various VFW and American Legion posts.

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