Is Aaron Price a candidate or attention seeker in congressional race?

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In almost every election there are those that seek attention. Sometimes this attention is for the purpose of personal gain. Sometimes this is to focus attention on issues that otherwise might not be addressed. This tends to happen with candidates that are more improbable and occasionally less credible. Thus, in our tradition of covering every candidate – large or small, improbable or not – we have kept a keen eye out. Given the growing national attention being focused on the New York 22nd congressional race, all the above may happen.

One example may well be Aaron Price. Without having made a single announcement to the news media, without a website for the public to see, Mr. Price has taken to the commercial airwaves to proclaim his intent to run as a candidate in the NY-22 race on the Republican ticket. Radio ads started to appear on WNBF News Radio the week of January 4, 2016.

Aaron Price, self described candidate 2016 election

Mr. Price states in the 30 second radio ads, that he is a candidate. He notes that he is the voice of the public because of his efforts to promote an effort to have Upstate New York separate from the New York City region and become a part of Pennsylvania. The reason, noted in June 2015 by local television news station News34, is for economic reasons – to enable fracking, logging, and mining.

Further Mr. Price stated in an interview with WGRZ in August 2015,

“The reason government exists is to protect your rights, to keep you safe, and to allow opportunity to flourish, and I feel Albany has failed us and will continue to fail us… People don’t need to be afraid of joining Pennsylvania. We’re losing nothing by joining Pennsylvania, and we’re gaining everything.”

In that interview Mr. Price stated that he was not using the secession to promote or draw attention to the fracking issue. Rather, the added benefit of seceding was the opportunity to use the hydrofracking technology according to Mr. Price. It should be noted that Mr. Price is best known for the documentary Gas Odyssey, a pro-drilling film. While there is no mention of the fracking issue in the radio ad on WNBF, as stated above, Mr. Price does use his support of seceding to claim he speaks for the people of the NY-22.

Based on the lack of information on the internet about the proposed run for Congress, the lack of a press release, and lack of Federal Election Commission filing, we reached out to Mr. Price for direct comment. Since January 8, 2016, when we first attempted to reach Mr. Price, we have yet to hear any response. As of January 11, 2016, there continues to be no credible information on the congressional run, nor a response to our calls.

What we can conclude at this time is that Aaron Price is a resident of Windsor, NY. He works at Red Dragon, Inc, which is listed as an insurance company owned by David Price according to internet records. Aaron Price is an advocate of fracking and either in conjunction with that, or in an effort to enhance that issue, he is also seeking to split the State. He has no known positions on the 2nd Amendment, taxes, job creation, immigration, Obamacare, or any other major or minor national issue that would face a member of Congress.

Further, Mr. Price is claiming to be a Republican seeking the congressional seat for a State he wants to essentially destroy. Considering that the effort to split New York State is apparently not a majority held view, but is his primary rally call in his radio commercials, it is difficult to understand how he is the voice of the people rather than the voice of a minority of some in Upstate NY. Perhaps, if Mr. Price ever provides the public with a website of his positions, or presents the press with an official announcement, it will become more clear.

Until such a time, it would seem that this is just another case of using a growing political race for instant attention. A means to draw eyeballs to an issue with an agenda of Mr. Price. That is one of the things that our election process is there for, and Mr. Price seems to be making the most of it. But our goal is to make sure the public is aware of every voice in this election process. Even when that voice is just apparently seeking attention.

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