Live tweets from @MVConsult on Hillary Clinton at Benghazi Hearing

Reprint of live quotes from Michael “Vass” Vasquez on @MVConsult (on Twitter) during the Congressional hearing of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:


Oh the joy. @RepRichardHanna was just quoted by Rep. Elijah Cummings as an attack on @HouseGOP. I wonder if he feels proud. Please tell us.

If contempt has a look, the opening statement from @HillaryClinton is a visual of that right now.

Did @HillaryClinton just attack @POTUS international policy with statement about “vacuum” in unstable areas? #BenghaziCommittee

29 major issues while @HillaryClinton was head @StateDept. She wants President? She failed in her job and she admitted it #BenghaziCommittee

Yes why were we in Libya @HillaryClinton & @POTUS? Especially when we ignored Iran Green Movement and Darfur? #BenghaziCommittee

Wait @HillaryClinton we pulled prior Ambassador on threats of violence, stayed w Stevens while other nations pulled out?#BenghaziCommittee

What does this have to do with Seal Team 6, besides @HillaryClinton trying to promote herself for Pres? #BenghaziCommittee

So how long will it take before Dems claim the hearing is an attack because @HillaryClinton is a woman? #BenghaziCommittee

Yet more proof Obama Admin international policy, advocated for by Dems and @HillaryClinton was a failure, like Yemen

Did @HillaryClinton just say that due to money, protecting Ambassador was not a priority in Benghazi? #BenghaziCommittee

Wait, @HillaryClinton was not responsible, it was the people below her – though she picked Stevens and sent him directly #BenghaziCommittee

We had no sources in Benghazi? You mean like the British or Red Cross? #BenghaziCommittee

So @HillaryClinton was so on top of job she didn’t need emails, but out of the loop when came to attacks? #BenghaziCommittee

Since when are Marines at Embassies garbage men? Not when I served. Please explain that change @HillaryClinton #BenghaziCommittee

And how many complaints did @HillaryClinton get after attack? #BenghaziCommittee

IF @HillaryClinton knew of our presence, why was her staff saying she did NOT know? Truth nor ow the email then? #BenghaziCommittee

Correction – IF @HillaryClinton knew of our presence, why was her staff saying she did NOT know? Truth now or email then? #BenghaziCommittee

Not @HillaryClinton fault her staff made up stuff in emails. They just misheard her, maybe she needed and email? #BenghaziCommittee

IF Stevens felt “very comfortable” 9/10/12 why did he request more security prior @HillaryClinton? #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Smith perhaps we shouldnt have been Libya which prevent Benghazi attack. But you admit your bias in your statement #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Smith – translation – Not your fault, but you did great job, so how would you lead? Wow, campaign stump much? #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Smith, if budget important, why none since 97, even w Dem supermajority, and during @HillaryClinton in Congress. #BenghaziCommittee

No recommendations to leave Libya, but plenty to ask for resources/security @HillaryClinton #BenghaziCommittee

No threat to Benghazi compound accord to @HillaryClinton but prior testimony states 2 attacks – is that not a threat? #BenghaziCommittee

Not @HillaryClinton judgement, relied on experts. Stevens was expert, on ground, and was expert opinion was ignored. #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Moreland hit it. @HillaryClinton was “friend” of Stevens, but didnt have email. Not Hillary fault staff ignored #BenghaziCommittee

Yes why is no one held accountable – especially since @HillaryClinton was in charge and on top of it all. #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Pompeo boom. All Blumenthal email reached @HillaryClinton and responded, but Stevens request security ignored. #BenghaziCommittee

Wait, how @HillaryClinton conduct work w/out email when she traveling the world? Sect State cant meet everyone in person. #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Jordan nails @HillaryClinton on why claim of protest when all evidence proves never existed. And she claims but what does “Some” mean

A page from Bill, now @HillaryClinton is debating the meaning of “some” #BenghaziCommittee

Oh now @HillaryClinton is pimping her book. And deflects attack on her into attack on @StateDept which was not said #BenghaziCommittee

Intel Community, CIA, did not ever confirm video claim at time of attack. But Ben Rhodes surely did. And email proves it. #BenghaziCommittee

Rep. Schiff, if nothing new has been found beyond done prior, who is responsible and how held accountable? #BenghaziCommittee

Wait, @HillaryClinton didn’t know of Blumenthal biz interest – as he worked for the Clinton Foundation? #BenghaziCommittee

Washington Post Fact Check: NO one fired due to Benghazi – some reassigned. That’s not accountability

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  1. Several major questions raised as Clinton flipflops and seeks to redefine meanings of words.

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