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To see the play by play of the live tweets by Michael “Vass” Vasquez during the first 2016 Democratic Debate by CNN, you can visit @MVConsult or for those without Twitter I present it all in chronological order. 64 tweets in total, or roughly one every 2 minutes of debate.

Interesting that CNN pre debate panel look as uninterested as the nation is about dishonest politicians or Socialism.

Wow, CNN starts debate for next prez all about current @POTUS . Is that ego or what?

Clinton, “Wealthy pay too little in taxes” – Exactly how much as Clinton voluntarily paid in tax over her lifetime – $0

Ok, Cooper gets a nod for taking on Clinton flipflops and sticking to his guns. Sadly, Clinton still waffling in her answer.

Clinton record of success – as Senator NY – 413 Bills offered, 3 bills on naming parks passed. Real success and bipartisan cooperation there

Sanders – US should be like Norway? NYC has 4x as many people as that country.

Sanders – need young inexperienced voters as opposed to older experienced voters for Dems to win

Ego – Hillary wants to save capitalism from itself. Aren’t we so lucky she is around

Sanders, correction because most small biz not created by top 1%

Wow, Cooper first question to each candidate clearly shows Dem candidates are all screwed up

Wow, Webb gets to speak on defending guns and sounds like he wasn’t ready to speak

It’s not the gun lobby that stops gun restriction legislation, the public opposes what Dems want. The polls prove it.

Clinton biz done with russian, slip of tounge about Clinton Foundation donations?

#DemDebate Putin has more success fight ISIS than US but Clinton calls that “chaos”. So much for international policy

#Demdebate Clinton was Sect State to silence her and stop her push against Obama in ’08. And what did she do with that position? Hide emails

#Demdebate part of current problem Middle East is due to Obama policy destablizing region. Made bad problem worse.

#demdebate With all current issues in Syria and w ISIS, candidates focused like laser on Iraq war and who to blame.

#demdebate Sanders, exactly what remorse or regret is Putin showing about his actions?

#demdebate Clinton, what about that genocide recognized in Sudan (Darfur) that has gone without response by US? Where were you then?

#demdebate But we knew, as did the world, about the risk in Libya prior to Benghazi

#demdebate Avoiding question on why an objector to service should lead the military

#demdebate Signal to Russia was the @POTUS response in to Crimea

#demdebate notice that the Dems sound like chickens squabbling for feed everytime someone answers a question.

#demdebate here comes the emails

#demdebate Not transparent. FBI took computer aft Clinton refused for months to provide info

#demdebate Benghazi Commission not about Clinton beyond her own failures to comply

#demdebate Entire picture is her stonewalling. Prior committee reports did not find her failures to follow her own State Dept regulations

#DemDebate A real issue is that Americans want a President that they can trust. Thus Clinton polling has suffered. POTUS agrees is an issue

#demdebate There is no response to failure on ethics, which why @HillaryClinton did not respond

#DemDebate Time to pander to Black voters. Black Lives Matter, but not all lives Sen. Sanders?

O’malley joins Sanders in pandering to Black voters #DemDebate

Why are all the Dems talking like Black community has no ability to act by itself without Dems? Dems will save Black Americans? #DemDebate

Oh boy, back to blaming Bush. Can we every talk about the current situation? #DemDebate

So why won’t Sanders pay his own interns $15/hr if it is so great? #DemDebate

But @HillaryClinton weren’t you broke? As you once said? And again, then why won’t you voluntarily pay extra in taxes? #DemDebate

But @HillaryClinton it was the Dems that bailed out the banks. With her and @POTUS in Congress at the time. #DemDebate

Yes check the record the cause of the housing crash Dem change in regulations on minority lending. Bill C let internet crash too #demdebate

Yes @HillaryClinton the stage is full of old white career politicians #dendebate

Webb is right time has not been equal. But he needs to stop harping on it and make his points #DemDebate

Wow, Chaffee made vote he didn’t know about, by his own words #DemDebate

So who will pay for the college degree?How does it get paid for? More taxes to the middle class?The Wall St tax won’t pay for it #DemDebate

why not create more jobs worth more and create more small biz to allow students to pay for college? Instead of depend on Dems #DemDebate

As expected, this really is the @HillaryClinton Bernie Sanders show. with the others as distractions. #DemDebate

So Sanders is advocating rights for illegal aliens as well as free everything? #DemDebate

Oh, now @HillaryClinton wants to given healthcare to illegal aliens. Who pays for that? Americans? #DemDebate

Ok, so all the Dem candidates on stage want to have Americans pay for illegal aliens getting Obamacare paid for by citizens! #DemDebate

Wow, not only healthcare but also college subsidized for illegal aliens. Not legal immigrants but those that violate the law. #DemDebate

result of the VA plan by Sanders is 50% more veterans are currently waiting for health care than previously. Times did article #DemDebate

So @HillaryClinton is flipflopping on her vote for Patriot Act by blaming Bush. Shocking. #DemDebate

Remember that the Dems were all for SOPA/PIPA that violated citizens on internet. It wasn’t that long ago, look it up. #DemDebate

SOPA & PIPA – http://www.mvass.com/2012/06/19/internet-censorship-it-did-not-start-or-end-with-

How does just being a woman equate to Presidential policy? Seriously, what does that mean @HillaryClinton ? #DemDebate

Sanders talking about voter apathy, that’s not political revolution. He dodged the questions. Big red flag there. Pun intended. #DemDebate

Being a woman isnt reason to be elected any more than being Black, Christian, or liking Butter Pecan ice cream. That’s pandering #DemDebate

But @HillaryClinton you have a record of failure and hyperpartisanship in over 2 decades in politics. #DemDebate

Climate change, not more on fighting ISIS, islamic terrorism, job creation? 2 dozen green companies failed on Taxpayer handouts #DemDebate

By the way, China and India creating more pollution than America can save, ever. #DemDebate

How is climate change a moral issue? And recall 20 years ago scientists were calling for global cooling. Why are they right now? #DemDebate

Notice during whole debate @HillaryClinton disregarding rules of debate and talking over everyone. More of her making own rules #DemDebate

OK, so someone needs to fact check if @HillaryClinton had a nanny while she was a lawyer. I see this coming back on her. #DemDebate

Country has yet to afford it. @POTUS has added over $8 trillion to national debt. Dems just want to add to it apparently. #DemDebate

like Keystone Clinto avoids taking positions until issue is a clear polling winner. Why not take a stand? #DemDebate

Isn’t Government supposed to be about compromise? Dems are talking about partisanship not compromise #DemDebate

By Michael “Vass” Vasquez

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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