With saddness we announce news on the extended M V Consulting Inc family

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As our long-time readers are aware, M V Consulting Inc. has made many changes over the years. We have ventured into sales of products like our designer clothing line, the Alchemy line of goods, as well as providing coverage of various entertainment/political/news events among other endeavors. At each step, and in each transition, we have been graced with the support of various people at all levels. We have never forgotten any of these people, and thank them often for what they have done to help us be what we are today. Each of these people are part of the extended M V Consulting family, and they matter to us. Thus it saddens me to rely news about one of the members of our extended family.

Shawn Kennedy, M V Consulting model, 2009

We have been notified today that Shawn Kennedy is losing his battle with liver cancer, at 43 years old. About 2 months ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, which then spread to his pancreas and spine. Shawn has bravely fought this disease, but that battle is soon to end. We are all deeply saddened to hear this news.

In 2009, Shawn Kennedy was selected as our male model for several of our designer clothing lines offered via CAFE PRESS (in our World of Vass store). He was and continues to be our male calendar model. He was supportive of our effect to grow, and patient with an inexperienced photographer (Michael Vass) trying his best. He gave his best efforts to us each time he showed up for a photo shoot, was professional, and a great conversationalist.

Shawn Kennedy, M V Consulting Inc male model 2009
We are happy to say that Shawn has received his only two final wishes. We hope that he will find peace and leave us with the thought that he has been a treasure for many. We are at a loss for words beyond that.

As a personal statement, from Michael Vasquez, to the family and friends of Shawn Kennedy I give my condolences. I know that this is a hard time and few words can address how you feel right now. I can only hope that this may help in any way. When I think of my father, and grandmother, and all those I have lost I believe that they are all in a better place now. They have no pain, no suffering, no day to day travails of the grind that we all endure. They are beyond all these things, and for that we can smile as they are ok. Shawn will be ok. And we will have the benefit that in our hearts we shared some time with him at his best.

Shawn Kennedy, M V Consulting Inc male model 2009

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