Binghamton City Council race grows as petition deadline approaches

City Council candidate Giovanni Scaringi

Summer has arrived, and with it comes politics and petitions. The 2015 election cycle actually began with the start of petition collection. Petitions to gain entry onto the ballot for the New York primaries and November ballot have been getting collected since June 2, 2015. By the start of July, all the candidates will be confirmed just in time for what most voters consider the start of the election season. As a result, June has been filled with announcements for those seeking political office, from the local to the State level.

In the City of Binghamton, the political buzz has been growing steadily. The fact that the entire City Council is up for (re)election has cause a stir, especially after a recent vote on renovating the Washington Street Mall was rejected in a 4-3 vote by Democrats. It has also motivated several candidates to take the plunge and enter the world of politics for the first time. Of those that will be seeking election, the next official announcement will be on June 24, 2015, for the 1st District Council seat, by first-time candidate Giovanni Scaringi for the Republican ticket.

Giovanni Scaringi is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences at SUNY Broome. According to Mr. Scaringi’s LinkedIn profile he has been at SUNY Broome since January 2014, shortly after starting to work on his doctorate in Philosophy (PhD), Political Economy at Binghamton University. Mr. Scaringi also holds an MBA from the University of Bridgeport in 2008.

A quick search for Mr. Scaringi finds that his students find him to be personable and humorous. They describe him as committed, knowledgeable, and a tough class though they would take him again. Comments that are shared by students at SUNY Rockland as well as SUNY Broome. Which, in combination with the subject of his doctorate work, may well signal that this could be the City Council race that will be the most entertaining and enlightening of all the races in Binghamton this election cycle. Even moreso considering the comment made by Scaringi when he was a graduate student in Binghamton University in 2013, discussing the impact of the 24 hour news cycle on “game-changing” events in political election races,

This is often predicated by the 24-7 News cycle that has dramatically changed the ways in which many people receive information, more importantly, how they internalize that information.”

Mr. Scaringi will be facing current Councilman Gerald “Jerry” Motsavage, who has held the seat since 2012, and was on of the votes to stall the redevelopment of the Washington Street Mall. Mr. Motsavage holds a BS in accounting from Binghamton University, and currently works in an undisclosed position at the Ely Park Golf Club. Mr. Motsavage announced his decision to run for re-election on June 2, 2015. He will be running on the Democrat ticket.

The announcement for Giovanni Scaringi will be held at 12:00pm in front of the Old First Ward Pool on Seymour Avenue, Binghamton, NY. The event is open to the public and media.

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