Exclusive: Car on fire on North Street in Binghamton, NY

** April 17, 2015 – original post at Binghamton Political Buzz Examiner.com, written by Michael “Vass” Vasquez **

Local residents living around the intersection of North Street and Mather Street in Binghamton, NY were startled Friday, April 17, 2015, when a car caught on fire. The incident immediately drew a crowd of onlookers as police and fire departments arrived on the scene to deal with the situation.

A vehicle, driven by Mr. J. Watson, began to give off smoke while he was driving at about 4 P.M. Friday afternoon. Mr. Watson stated that he stopped the vehicle to investigate, whereupon he learned the vehicle had in fact caught fire. He contacted authorities, with the police department first to arrive on the scene some 3-5 minutes later. Two police cars proceeded to block off North Street from oncoming traffic as a crowd of residents gathered to watch and video tape the proceedings on cell phones. Shortly thereafter the Binghamton Fire Department arrived with a single fire truck.

Within 15 minutes the car fire was put out, with no collateral damage to residential property in the area. There were no reported injuries from this incident. According to Binghamton Fire Department Lt. Hardy, on the scene,

“The preliminary investigation appears to show that this was most likely an electrical fire. The vehicle is 12 years old, and it appears that the fire started at the rear of the engine in the wiring of the car.”

The intersection of North St. and Mather St. is no stranger to incidents. On April 2, 2010 a postal van was struck and flipped in a car accident at this same intersection. No injuries were reported that the time of that incident as well.


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