What won’t be in State of Union Address?

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There is always enormous hype on what is in the State of the Union Address; how it was said and how much it was mentioned. What is often less discussed is what was not said. Not just the most recent news cycle focus, but long-term issues and political focal points that are left in the dust.

We know that a major portion of the speech tonight will refer to the economy, again. It has been in every State of the Union Address since President Obama was elected. The result, other than the Obama Stimulus, has been nothing. Other than a feeble attempt to pass the American Jobs Act, there has been no plan on job creation. The focus has been directed to passing Obamacare, increasing the debt ceiling, and preparation for the 2012 election.

To be fair, along the way there has been a fleeting attempt to pass the DREAM Act. It failed miserably. There was the serious issues of the BP Gulf oil spill, which the Federal Government was predominantly hands off on. There were 2 attempts to pass a federal budget in the Democrat controlled Senate – both submissions from the White House garnered 0 votes in favor, and no budget has been passed since President Obama took office.

But the 2013 State of the Union Address is a new start. It is the beginning of the Obama Administration’s 2nd term. Dems and Liberals see this as the perfect time to hit the agenda that was not possible in the 1st term. Thus immigration reform is front and center. Along with that is sure to be reference to the gun restriction Executive Orders, and gun ban legislation in Congress, which VP Biden recently confided are tantamount to useless –

But what about Benghazi and the Obama Administration international policy? Will there be conversation about the reliance on the goodwill of President Obama being in office and having supported organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and how that has failed to improve US relations in the Middle East? Unlikely.

How about a few lines on the use of unmanned drones in the war on terror. How likely will it be that the State of the Union goes into any mention of the Department of Justice memo that President Obama can issue drone kill orders against Americans overseas under the most broad and ill-defined terms without Congeressional or Court oversight? The word doubtful is an understatement.

Harkening back to the main subject of the State of the Union, the economy and jobs, it is likely that nary a word will be spent on the Obama Stimulus. Which would seem odd as that was the one major piece of legislation responsible for President Obama being elected in 2008. But to discuss it would have to highlight the fact that the improvement of the economy has started to take hold AFTER the Stimulus has ceased. In fact, the validation of the economic plans of the Obama Administration are locked into the phrase “it could have been worse”. Similar to the statement and net effect of “I could have won the lottery.”

Still in the vein of job creation and the economy, and also to be unspoken tonight, is the input from the President’s Job Council. Recently disbanded, and having only met 4 times since the creation in 2011, the Council suggested tackling an all-of-the-above strategy for energy (summarily ignored by the Obama Administration in favor of picking winners in alternative energy – Solyndra et al). The Council also recommended reforming the tax code, invigorating manufacturing, and reducing anti-business friendly regulations. Instead America currently remains among the highest business tax countries in the world, and the increase in taxes to the rich – the very individuals with the funds to spur job growth – reinforce the anti-business environment the Council advised against.

All of that does not touch upon the billions lost in the Government takeover of GM, The more than a dozen “green” alternative companies picked as winners by the Obama Administration that failed costing billions of taxpayer dollars, the continuing high level of foreclosures (2.3 million in 2012) – with increased activity in 25 States.

Lastly there will be no mention of 22.3 million unofficially unemployed or the transition of the workforce to part-time workers unable to get full-time work, in part a reaction to the requirements of Obamacare, that has averaged 2.5 million per month in 2012 and continues that trend in 2013. This transition has a direct impact on the official unemployment rate, improving it, while not improving the lives of Americans.

These are but a few of the things that will not be spoken about. Most importantly, there will be nothing mentioned on the loss of Rights of the American people. With Obamacare, the Government gained the Right to obligate the public to act – against their will in some cases – as it deems best. This directly sets in place the weakening of individual Rights, addressed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

The weakening of the 2nd Amendment is addressed in the prior video by VP Biden and the use of Executive Orders by President Obama can be summed up by Laura Meckler of the Wall Street Journal

“What’s unusual about Mr. Obama is that he also has used executive power to press his domestic agenda.”

Rather than addressing any of these important issues and points of fact, the 2013 State of the Union Address will focus on more of the same that we heard during the first Obama Administration term. But we can understand why all of this will be left out. Which does not mean any of it should be forgotten.

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