Letter to Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer, Rep. Hinchey, Rep. Hanna on Benghazi investigation

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Senators Gillibrand and Schumer
Representatives Hanna and Hinchey

We at the Binghamton Political Examiner and M V Consulting, Inc are concerned with the on-going and growing scandal of the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Serious questions have arisen due to a lack of consistent and coherent answers about that attack, which affect constituents at various levels. We seek answers on your efforts to help provide constituents with answers to the following:

1) The attack on the consulate took more than 6 hours from start to finish. During that time nearby military bases sent no support troops, air gunships in the region provided no support, and CIA operatives 1 mile from the consulate were told to stand down efforts to support the consulate at least 2x. Further, air support to remove a terrorist mortar position went unheeded leading to a mortar attack that likely killed at least 1 American.

The President has stated repeatedly, most recently at the Nov. 14th press conference, that he stated all that can be done happen to support the consulate.

Thus, either extreme incompetence from multiple departments caused inaction leading to the death of an Ambassador and 3 other Americans or a failure to comply with the chain of command existed with the same result.

IF the first is true, then those responsible and/or the systems in place must be identified, removed, corrected to ensure that all other Americans in service to the nation overseas are protected from a similar outcome. IF the second case is the cause the remedy is also the same, though the risks to the nation are exponentially greater.

What, therefore, are you doing to help resolve this issue to the benefit of constituents overseas, their families stateside, and the nation as a whole?

2) The President has clearly stated that Ambassador Susan Rice was directed by the White House on what to state to the U.N. and the nation about the Benghazi terrorist attack. This matches the initial position by the White House for more than 9 days after the attack. These statements of a protest and anti-Muslim video provocation have been proven to be false and without merit.

It has also been proven that the State Department received email details of the on-going attack 2 hours after the start. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the Pentagon chiefs were aware of the attack 50 minutes after it began. Further, CIA operatives at 1:15AM September 12th (Benghazi time) clearly detail the likelihood of the death of Ambassador Stevens and those responsible for the attack – al-Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia militia.

Therefore, the American public was mislead. Again this is either incompetence or active deception. The American people deserve to know which is the case.

What are you doing to provide this answer?

3) Since those responsible for the attack are known, as noted above, the ability to confirm this information – or to credibly dismiss it – should be relatively easy and quick to do. Yet 9 weeks after the terrorist attack the White House has yet to publicly indicate even a suspicion of who may be responsible. This is after thousands of Libyan nationals took immediate action in response to the attack against our nation.

The lack of action, and an apparent dismissal of 1st hand reports at the time of the attack, implies a weakness on behalf of the American government or an unwillingness to act against our aggressors. Either case, if true, bodes poorly for our efforts in the Middle East as well as in international policy.

What actions, if any are possible, are you taking to help ensure a speedy response and an enforcement of the thought that Americans cannot be attack without repercussion?

4) If, as the President has stated, the ultimate responsibility for what happened and what was told to the American people lies with the President, what do you propose to do?

These are serious questions, currently without answers. To date we have found no comment, in any manner, about the above from Senator Schumer. Senator Gillibrand supported the Obama Administration when asked about the Benghazi investigation during a debate prior to the election but has otherwise made no comment or otherwise address the questions we posed. Rep. Hinchey, departing Congress at the end of the current lame duck session, also has made no public comment. Rep. Hanna, the only Republican of the politicians being asked the above, equally has made no comment.

Given that since Superstorm Sandy hit New York there has been a focus towards providing aid to the victims. Yet before the storm there was a Benghazi investigation. Even now, after the election and storm, elected officials are tasked with more than the singular focus to the on-going relief. The above questions need answers, and the elected officials addressed should at the least make a public statement on their positions.

We look forward to providing constituents and our readership any and all responses verbatim once received.

Michael Vass
President – M V Consulting, Inc

**sent to [additional forms of contact omitted]**
Senator Schumer – https://www.schumer.senate.gov/Contact/contact_chuck.cfm
Senator Gillibrand – http://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/contact/
Representative Hinchey – https://forms.house.gov/htbin/formproc_za/hinchey/webforms/zip_authen.txt&form=/hinchey/webforms/contact.shtm&nobase
Representative Hanna – http://congress.org/congressorg/mailapp/

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