President Obama wins re-election, America gains…?

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Supporters of President Obama will be quite gleeful tonight and tomorrow, their candidate won 275 to 203 by the last count as the election was called. It was far closer than we had expected, though our predictions were only wrong in 2 states – Oregon and Michigan. Once again Ohio proved to be a critical catalyst in determining the President.

Pres. Obama at SOTU
Pres. Obama at SOTU

So, once the jubilation is over, what has America gained?

The Senate and House of Representatives look to be virtually unchanged in their make up. Gridlock still stares the nation in the eyes, with a revamp of the “fiscal cliff” – the mandatory cuts in spending that Congress put in place to maintain the credit rating of the nation (with 2 out of 3 major credit rating agencies) because a debt reduction deal could not be worked out. It is likely that the restructuring that will occur in the lame-duck session may trigger further downgrades – which will bode ill for the nation if it happens.

The result of the predictable disregard for the sequestration is only one of the problems that the nation will face. By February 2013 yet another debt limit increase is required. This will raise the national debt to roughly $17.5 trillion dollars, which may only last long enough to reach the 2nd quarter of 2014. The path to an unsustainable $23 trillion in debt (assuming interest rates do NOT move up over the next 5 years) seems assured given the plans that President Obama has stated on the campaign trail and in the Oval Office.

There is also the potential for President Obama to once again make history – potentially in the manner of President Nixon. The on-going scandal of Benghazi – avoided by the major media in a blatant bias during the final weeks of the election cycle – is only growing larger by the day. The unaired video by 60 Minutes, quietly released yesterday, only confirms that the American public was lied to, and a cover-up reaching the levels of the White House has been under way for 2 months and counting.

But assuming all this is swept under a rug, what then? Though President Obama has been re-elected, he has not become a shred more bi-partisan. In fact, as we reported June 22nd, one plan was to attack decisions by the Supreme Court that the Obama Administration didn’t like –

“I hope that one of the things we can do, when we win this election, is use whatever tools are available, up to and including a Constitutional amendment, to turn this [Supreme Court decision on Citizens United] back.” – David Axelrod

That infers a change to the 1st Amendment. Thankfully this is unlikely, but what legislation will be imposed is another question.

Add to this list attempts to provide illegal aliens citizenship – though they are de facto criminals. Of course there is the question of when, if ever, the Obama Administration will provide Congress with a budget (so far both attempts could not even gain a single vote in the Democrat led Senate). The numerous problems of the Health Care Reform is yet another treat just waiting down the road.

Looking at foreign policy again, there is Israel. Our chilly relationship has not helped to deter Israel from plans to bomb Iran and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. The delay in their action was based on the results of this election, of which reports have stated that U.S. citizens in Israel voted overwhelmingly for Romney giving an indication of what was hoped for. The likely next step is unilateral action by Israel, without notification to us, because President Obama is just on those kinds of good terms.

Of course this is only 1 part of the problem, as to date nothing has stopped Iran from developing nuclear weapons thus far. There is nothing apparent that indicates they will stop, short of the bombs from Israel.

Then there are the results of the “Arab Spring”. The goodwill the Obama Administration expected to carry America into a better future with the Middle East nations has evaporated faster than water on desert sand. The weakness of the Administration, highlighted by the fact that the Al Qaeda faction responsible for the attack has been known since 1:15AM on September 12th with no action taken, will not bolster the U.S. relations with these fragile and volatile nations.

On an economic front the prospects are anemic. The push for “green” energy has resulted in bankruptcies and wasted money. Home foreclosures remain at extremely elevated levels. Growth of jobs looks positive by the government reported unemployment numbers, yet 23 million American remain out of work – almost double the number the day President Obama was elected in 2008. Plus there is the inflation that has been hidden by the clever repackaging of food in ever smaller portions at the same prices.

Social Security remains poised to go bankrupt, and no plan is in place to stop this. The Health Care Reform will add yet another entitlement burden.

Well the picture is clear. President Obama has gained another term. A term in which he is no longer restrained by the prospect of re-election, allowing him to attempt to live up to the far-left liberal ideals he often stated before 2008. How any of this is positive is anyone’s guess.

It is likely that America may well kick itself for throwing away the chance to change direction. But that chance has passed, and America will barrel headlong in a direction we believe many are not ready for.

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