Seeking to introduce the candidates for the NY 22nd Congressional district

Even as the New York Senate and Assembly battle over the redistricting process, drawing new lines to take into account the exodus of population and business from the State, there is another political battle that is emerging. The fight over who will run for the NY-22, the Congressional seat to be vacated by Rep. Maurice Hinchey at the end of this year.

As we have stated before, the entire process may be moot. Depending on how the new districts may be configured, the NY 22nd Congressional district may not exist after Dec 31, 2012. It is quite possible that the exit of Rep. Hinchey means that the district will be split up and constituents will become members of districts represented by members of Congress that they do not know, and never voted for. But that has not stopped some from trying to gain a foothold on a possible election bid if the NY-22 remains intact.

To that end, on February 25, 2012, we contacted the potential candidates that have announced intentions to run for the NY-22. Specifically we got in touch, via email, with those candidates that we have not previously interviewed. Those candidates are Dan Lamb (D), Leslie Danks Burke (D), and Tom Engel (R).

We have asked each of the above candidates the same set of questions, and a request to be interviewed. As we receive the response of each candidate, we will publish it VERBATIM. As always, our interviews are unedited.

Here are the questions that we are awaiting answers on:

1) Please share with readers who are unaware of your political past, what has motivated you to seek this political office.

2)There is no shortage of hotbed issues facing the nation at this time. Several are also issues that potential constituents feel very strongly about. Can you briefly sum up you stance on :

Social entitlements
Ending unemployment
NY State and national debt

2) On the issue of energy, where do you fall in the debate on hydrofracking?

3) In regard to other energy issues, do you support expanding oil & gas drilling/exploration domestically, or developing renewable energy (a specific type or all), or both?

4) Where do you stand on taxes. Should taxes be increased on the “rich”? If so, how do you define the rich and how much should they increase?

5) Where do you stand on the issue of illegal immigration?

6) What have you done, that voters can review for themselves, to support any or all of the above?

7) Over the last decade what do you believe have been the most beneficial laws passed?

8 ) Lastly, for voters that hold views that differ from yours, what is the reason that they should vote for you?

M V Consulting, Inc. does not advocate any candidate, incumbent, and/or political party. We provide information, news coverage, and events such that voters can be more informed about the candidates. M V Consulting, Inc. does not care who individuals vote for, only that they vote and do so in an informed manner.

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