Asking White House about American Jobs Act on Twitter

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As of 7:00pm Stephanie Cutter, Assistant to President Obama, came onto Twitter to hold a live question and answer session on the American Jobs Act proposed by President Obama. This session is ongoin at #whchat on Twitter.

Though limited in the number of characters available, we asked the most simple and direct question about the the American Jobs Act of 2011.

@MVConsult – Michael Vass
#whchat How is the spending on infrastructure any different than spending on Stimulus? Therefore how will the result be beneficial longterm?

The question is in reference to the approximately $140 billion proposed to be spent on roads and bridges, and other infrastructure, by the American Jobs Act.

We see this “investment” as it has been called, as exactly the same spending that was enacted by the Stimulus in 2009. The net result of that spending, the “shovel-ready jobs” that President obama recently joked were not as ready as first envisioned, were fewer jobs as well as short-term jobs that did NOT improve the economy nor provide the improvement in unemployment that was promised. The Stimulus cost $814 billion by the last count and is increasing as waste and spending overtures are being added.

We are awaiting a response from the White House and will provide their VERBATIM response, if and when we receive it.

* Other notable questions we saw:

huladeb Debra
If spending X didn’t work to fix economy, why increase in the debt to roll the dice on spending 1/2 of X? #WHChat

wljames3 Bill James
#whchat, how does the President intend to cut red tape to get teachers hired at the state level with all the stress in state budgets?

TLTownie Troy Townsend
@WHLive #WHChat I heard there’s a bit in there about auctioning off spectrum. What’s that got to do with jobs? I love the plan though 🙂

seandhickey Sean D Hickey
@WHLive @whitehouse #WHChat Where does the money come from to pay for this bill?

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