Follow-up on how much Warren Buffett and friends donated to IRS

We recently took on Warren Buffett’s claim that he should pay more in taxes, as well as others in the “super-rich” category. Our overall position was that NOTHING is stopping him from donating to the IRS of his own free will. But we ran across some information that we thought might be of interest to all those that agree with Mr. Buffett. In fact it is a revealing look at the reality that many Liberals would prefer was not known.

We ascerted that Warren Buffett, Michael Moore, and a host of other rich and “super-rich” Liberals and Democrats, including President Obama and VP Biden, have NEVER donated a dime to the IRS. Further we implied that such donations were an unheard of event. While we stand firmly on the lack of action among the prominent Liberals and Democrats failing to put their money where their mouths are, we must correct our implication. Some Americans do in fact donate to the IRS.

Relatively few Americans, excluding Warren Buffett and President Obama among most Liberals requesting higher taxes, opt to decline all the write-offs and deductions they are entitled to in the tax code. In fact, all the noisemakers take the deductions that are available to them. If you doubt it, just look up President Obama’s tax return

Another way to donate is to the Bureau of the Public Debt. Funds sent there go directly to paying the Government debt. Such donations are tax-deductible by the way. Warren Buffet made no contribution to this, nor did President Obama, VP Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Senator Chuck Schumer, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, ect. So far this year there is about $2 million in payments volunteered to just pay off the debt.

Of course you could just give the Government money, at Financial Management Service. A choice that allows the Government to spend the money any way it sees fit. An option you would expect would be popular among the far-left and many in the Democrat leadership that insist larger Government is the solution to every woe in America. Again, not a choice that’s popular.

To be exact, all of 814 people across America donated a total of under $1 million to the Financial Management Service. That’s 1 in 377,149 people. Or, compare to the debt, about .000000007% of the national debt rounded down to just $14 trillion. Mr. Buffet, et al, are not part of the contributions to date. By the way, the daily national debt interest payment is $2.1 billion – conservatively.

Now here is the thing. If Warren Buffett, President Obama (made $1,728,096 in 2010), VP Biden (made $379,178) Rep. Nancy Pelosi (estimated net worth $58 million – 2009), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (estimated net worth $31 million – 2009), Senator Schumer (makes and extra $173,000 beyond salary – 2009)et al, are so adamant about having more money for the Government to spend, why won’t they do anything to help that cause?

Seriously, there are more than 814 Liberals and Democrats in the nation. There are almost a quarter of that number of Democrats in Congress right now that are millionaires and multi-millionaires that could easily collectively donate 10x more than that – if they actually believed in what they are talking about. Consider all the far-left entertainers in Hollywood alone, they could easily exceed these numbers. Yes George Clooney, Tim Roth, Susan Sarandon, and Hanoi Jane, we are speaking about what you haven’t done but expect other Americans to do for you.

This really irks us. And makes us wonder.

If all the vocal and ardent supporters of higher taxes aren’t willing to add thier money to the cause now, voluntarily, do you think compelling them with higher taxes will make them ore likely to pay up? If they don’t have the guts to “spread the wealth” now, do you think they would be more likely to pay without question – or hire better accountants to continue to find deductions and write-offs as they are having them do now?

Since all of these politicians, pundits, and wild voices are unwilling to do what they want someone else to do there is another question that logically follows. Why do they want to be public about raising the taxes of others?

Could it be that sounding like you want to do something that is popular, and gaining votes and political clout in the process, is easier than actually doing something beneficial? Could it be that they have no intention of following through with what they have said, the way they have said it? That the appearance of being on the side of middle and low income Americansis a great way to increase the taxes of those same groups while actually protecting their rich and super-rich friends?

Of course there are those Liberals and Democrats that want to tell us that such a duplicitous action is what Republicans do. Except the numbers don’t lie. Liberals and Democrats aren’t taking leadership in this. The people flapping their mouths about higher taxes aren’t doing anything, even in a superficial manner. It’s not “just” Republicans, its Democrats and Liberals too. Which is worse since they are the ones crying about the unfairness of it all.

Maybe the best thing, to get to the real bottom line, is to go to the source. Why not ask your elected politicians – that favor and insist on raising taxes – how much they have donated to the IRS. Then ask they why. We’d love to hear the answers you get, if any.

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