Downtown Binghamton fire – 0 casualties

In downtown Binghamton, NY, above the popular On the Roxx bar and across from the old courthouse, at 73 Court Street yet another fire blazed this morning til early afternoon. The fire was reported by witnesses on scene to have started at 9am, and was finally put out around 1pm.

Downtown Binghamton fire at 73 Court Street

Response of firefighters at Downtown Binghamton Fire

The scene at downtown Binghamton was oddly reminiscent of another blaze not long ago. Court Street was blocked off from traffic. 4 fire trucks were on the scene. Crowds stood or walked past, with looks of concern for the residents of the apartments being evacuated and perhaps a touch of remorse for what is happening to the City.

We arrived on the scene towards the end of the successful battle that Binghamton firefighters waged to control the fire and ensure that all the apartment dwellers were unharmed. We spoke with Nicholas Iannuzzi, a former apartment resident about the start of the fire, and the efforts of firefighters to ensure his safety.

Nicholas Iannuzzi, former resident at 73 Court Street

Several witnesses and former residents of the apartment building indicated that the fire apparently started in the rear of the building, which has been abandonded for several years. Visual indications are that there was a fire in an apartment in the rear top floor, though we could not get confirmation if this is where the fire started. The matter is under investigation, as confirmed on the scene by a Fire Marshal we spoke with.

The mysterious cause of the blaze, and the location appear to be similar to (and neighbor) the fire at Midtown Mall which occured on December 21, 2010.

December 2010 Downtown Binghamton fire remains

December 2010 Downtown Binghamton fire remains

The fire resulted in no casualties, though there was exensive damage. It is unclear if On The Roxx, and Sake Tumi, businesses below the fire, suffered any colateral damage.

Binghamton Firefighters on scene at 73 Court Street fire

Binghamton Firefighters on scene at 73 Court Street fire

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