The new 2011 Alchemy of England line has arrived!

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Long-term readers of the blog of M V Consulting, Inc. are aware that we also sell the Alchemy of England line of imported hand-crafted goods. We also love to announce whenever we have new products to show off and present to our fans and customers.

The new 2011 line of jewlery, t-shirts, pint glasses, watches, leather goods, and so much more is huge. It features a bit of a mix of Celtic, Egyptian, and medieval themes. Best of all is the fact there is something for everyone.

Whether it is one of the artistic metal plaques for a birthday gift

    Give ’em Hell Plaque

Give 'em Hell Plaque


or a new dress that is unique and will drive envy as well as flattery

    Good & Evil

– Every girl has a dark side. DRESS – size S, M, L
Good & Evil - Every girl has a dark side. DRESS - size S, M, L


or a special engagement ring that truly speaks to that special someone

    Newgate Engagement Cuff Ring

– Hinged fetter with brass shackle skull fastener, to proudly mark a veteran’s ignoble and intimate relationship. All Sizes.
Hinged fetter with brass shackle skull fastener, to proudly mark a veteran's ignoble and intimate relationship. All Sizes.


in fact there are even items that you can wear to the office and stand out

    Sacred Heart Buttons

Sacred Heart Buttons


Indeed there is something for every occassion, event, mood, and gift need. Plus you can even adorn that perfect Halloween vampire, ghoul, Master of the night costume with just the thing that makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The Alchemy at World of VASS online store has so much that even our company president, Michael Vass, found a few items that he wears daily.

But here is the best part. Because there is so much to add that is new, we are revamping the store and adding entire new sections. So while we spruce things up, we have highlighted the very latest at the store, and we will give a 5% discount (in the form of a refund via Paypal, a trusted name in online shopping) for any purchase over $50. One item or a dozen, it doesn’t matter, you get the discount until we finish revamping the rest of the storefront.

So take a look around, tell you friends, and enjoy. We appreciate your support, because that’s what keeps us around to provide you the news, commentary, reviews and coverage you expect after nearly 6 years. With your help, we’ll keep going for another 50 years.

Thank you.

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