The philosophy of America via John Wayne

Recently while watching a John Wayne marathon on cable television over the weekend there something that just struck a cord. Something simple that has been lost over the years.

It’s just so basic. What has been lost is both the pride in having a job and the sense of entitlement over Government aid. Just 40 years ago, having a job was a matter of pride as well as neccessity. The type of job did not matter, it was the fact of having the job. It is a point of view that was imparted on me by several older men in my youth.

“You can always hold your head high if you do a good days work and get a good days pay.”

The video reflects that. The need to work exceeds personal pride or the concept that a person is too good for a specific type of work (Devlin Warren). Given the lack of confinment by Government interference (Bunny – the hobo) employers can and will do the right thing (John Wayne). But no one should have to beg for a job – it demeans both the employee and the employer. In fact working hard to get a job is not begging, as long as the intention is to earn the pay and do the work.

Compare that type of thought to what we see today.

When there are tens of thousands of people that line up to get an application for a 2 year waiting list for 500 Section-8 free housing slots, the people have been demeaned and demoralized. When kids without expereince demand and expect huge salaries and various perks just because they are available for work out of college, they are prideful and coddled. When the Government adds layer upon layer of regulation and tax to restrict business, people are prevented from gaining jobs.

In the past 40 years, the public has been turned from a concensus of thought that they should rely on themselves and friends, to that of a reliance on the Government. Today there are those that DEMAND the Government pay them for not holding a job (the 99ers that demand unemployment check extensions before they seek a job). There are illegal aliens that DEMAND rights from the Government, though they are criminals and not entitled to anything. Today the Government wants to regulate charitable donations and distribute tax revenues to social justice programs that IT feels is best for the public.

Have you heard people say they DESERVE a vacation where they travel away – even though they cannot AFFORD to do so? Have you heard people say they DESERVE better clothes, housing, and luxuries – though they won’t earn those things? Have you heard unions DEMAND the Government (local and federal) provide pensions 2 – 3 – even 4x higher than the actual salaries of those that are covered? How often do you heard the Obama Administration and elected officials DEMAND that the pay of some people (“rich”) be taken to be given to others that the Government chooses?

In 40 years we have gone from working a days wages for a days pay, to working a half day (or less) for 2 days wages. In many respects the nation has become more akin to France than America. And France hasn’t led the world in anything since Napoleon.

This is not to say that helping those in need is wrong. But help and dependancy are 2 different things. 99 weeks of unemployment checks do not create jobs (even if Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it does). 13,000 people filling out forms to get 500 free (Government paid for) places to live, 2 years from today, is not help nor hope. Being paid 4x what you earned is not justified or even mathematically sound. And no one is entitled to anything they did not earn.

The philospohy that John Wayne mentions in this film is the same philosophy that allowed America to grow for some 200 years. There isn’t a single person that can do math alive today – that can make the system that has been adopted over the past 4 decades or so – that can show how America can sustain itself for another 100 years, at best, or perhaps 3 decades, at worst.

Someday soon this film will be revisioned. The themes and the messages will be changed. Government dependancy will be promoted, independant self-responsibility will be shunned. Hollywood will support the policies it likes, and future generations will never know another thought existed unless older Americans mention it and provide the original sources.

But the question I pose is this. Which philosophy is better for America? Which path has allowed America to grow and become strong? Which is more likely to take America to a prosperous future?

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